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Newly hatched tadpoles in a sentence

1. Newly hatched tadpoles soon develop gill pouches that cover the gills.

2. Newly hatched tadpoles are also equipped with a cement gland which allows them to attach to objects.

3. Newly hatched tadpoles show a preference for living in shallow water on fine gravel bottoms.

4. Many poison dart frogs in the genera Oophaga and Ranitomeya carry their newly hatched tadpoles into the canopy;

5. Newly hatched tadpoles are mainly herbivorous, feeding on algae, detritus, plants and some small invertebrates, but they become fully carnivorous once their back legs develop, feeding on small water animals or even other tadpoles when food is scarce.

6. When the eggs hatch, a parent transports the newly hatched tadpoles to a tiny water reservoir (often in the axil of a bromeliad).

7. Males carry the newly hatched tadpoles to streams where they continue development.

8. The newly hatched tadpoles are carried to water bodies, such as pools forming in the rosettes of bromeliads, where they develop.

9. the head-start of the L. labyrinthicus tadpoles allows them to take advantage of the eggs and newly hatched tadpoles of other frog species.

10. Some species in the Oophaga and Ranitomeya genera carry their newly hatched tadpoles into the canopy;