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Newer research in a sentence

1. Both older and newer research found that voyeurs typically have a later age of first sexual intercourse.

2. Newer research has shown that the absorption of provitamin-A carotenoids is only half as much as previously thought.

3. However, newer research indicates that the melatonin offset may be the more reliable marker.

4. Newer research suggests that thalamic function is more selective.

5. Newer research has put more emphasis on archeological discoveries.

6. Newer research suggests that lichen evolved after the evolution of land plants.

7. Newer research suggests that a branch of Placoderms was most likely the ancestor of present-day gnathostomes.

8. Exact German losses are unknown, but newer research indicates around 400,000 overall casualties.

9. Newer research has shown that there in fact is neurogenesis in the striatum.

10. Newer research suggests this is not the case.

11. Guidelines may lose their clinical relevance as they age and newer research emerges.

12. Both ancestries are disproved by newer research.

13. Newer research typically rejects the idea that whether people are poor can be explained by their values.

14. According to newer research, the amount of those killed is closer to 20,000.

15. Newer research also estimates the number of slaved children and women to be closer to 30,000.

16. Spur 77 branches off from Spur 78 providing access to the newer research equipment atop Mt. Fowlkes.

17. However, newer research extended it up to the Bronze Age.

18. However, newer research has shown that that may not entirely be the case.

19. By that point, Needleman's research had been superseded by newer research used to justify even lower limits of allowable lead.

20. Newer research shows that there is no "pecking order" in horse herds.

21. Newer research shows a motor bias to also be associated with the SNARC effect.

22. This newer research is yet to be published.

23. In 2011 the Bernicia was replaced by a newer research vessel that was also partly designed by students at the university.

24. Newer research has called into question the distinction between implicit and explicit attitudes.

25. Newer research has further updated the phylogenetic tree of haplogroup K subclades.

26. However, newer research has been challenging some of the previously accepted models.

27. Experts favor in-service training because it offers insights to police officers on newer research and best practices.

28. newer research shows that the very wide eaves also contribute to the inertial stability of the pagoda.

29. However, newer research attempts to restore some credibility to the legend.

30. Laser forming technology is a newer research technique, it can produce metalwork without any mechanical contact and mold.