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No. sentence
1 New York is like many big, crowded cities in having plenty of art to bump into - or drop or toss in the trash or surrender to the cosmic banana peel.
2 So he started paring down his material life, selling off his condo in New York, his mansion in Florida and his only car.
3 She lives in New York but we reached her on her mobile phone in Amman.
4 Jim huddled up an agreement with Harding Co. Ltd. and flew back New York this morning.
5 Gordell Wright, one of the tribe’s three elected trustees, observes most New Yorkers think of Indians in historical terms; but “we are here and our problems are contemporary, ” he says.
6 summer as we traveled around New England, upstate New York and eastern Canada on our fifth anthem tour, my son and I bickered.
7 Some of value did leave: Mondrian, Dali, Duchamp, Chagall and Léger were among those who made their various ways to New York.
8 When we got back home after our trip the third summer — a five-week Odyssey that took us from New York to Washington State and back — we hung a map highlighting routes we'd taken in Marcus's room.
9 At the New York Film Festival in 2009, Cruz debuted a knuckle-sized sapphire surrounded by small diamonds on her ring finger, sparking rumors of an engagement.
10 Statue of Liberty towers above the harbour of New York.
11 Then I dressed and off we flew to New York to meet some girls.
12 The robbers wore bulletproof vests bearing the New York Police Department logo and ransacked the Kapovics' home on Christmas Eve.
13 The two tower buildings of the World Trade Center have disappeared from the map of New York.
14 The book also depicts scenes of Chinatowns in far-flung places like San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, as well as in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.
15 He hit his car that he lost in New York.
16 regular sight at New York parties, she stood out for being a handsome woman of cerebral insouciance, with two novels and another book of essays under her belt.
17 In this context, we hope the New York Philharmonic concert in Pyongyang will serve as a reveille to wake up the hermit kingdom.
18 True, Paris did see jobs migrate to New York and London after NYSE's takeover of Euronext in 2007, but the centre of gravity was moving to bigger centers anyway.
19 An unrepentant Moussaoui told a stunned courtroom he rejoiced at seeing the smoldering rubble of the World Trade Center in New York and pleaded guilty to six criminal conspiracy charges.
20 Anastasia Somoza was a beautiful girl from New York City who was confined to a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy.
21 We had many things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving — one of them was a little known bus driver from Orchard Park, New York, whom we consider a hero — Flo Russell.
22 Lonely but hurried New Yorkers can rest easy this Valentine's Day — the love coach is on her way.
23 So how about a New York apartment?
24 Established in 1877, Westminster's influence has been felt for more than a century through its famous all breed, benched dog show held every year at New York's Madison Square Garden.
25 Utopia accuses Mr Mao of subversion and libel. It says funding given to Unirule by the Ford Foundation, based in New York, is evidence of “collusion” with foreigners in his alleged crimes.
26 But his ambition quickly drove him to New York.
27 But we do have to ask this question: we have to ask whether extremists who have killed innocent civilians in New York and in Moscow will show that same restraint.
28 She took off her overcoat and revealed bright colors instead of the black “uniform” that so many New Yorkers adopt.
29 In New York, scientists from the American museum of National History placed the hive in a specially prepared laboratory in the museum.
30 At exactly 3:15 p.m. New York time - a precise 24 hours after having been fed in Paris - the bees swarmed out of their hive.