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No. sentence
1 Tramcars ran throughout the night on New Year's Eve.
2 She recited a long poem at the New Year's Eve entertainment.
3 A spokesman for the Russian gas giant, Gazprom, held up a letter at a Moscow new conference on new Year's Eve that he says was signed by the head of Ukraine's gas company.
4 New Year's Eve (spent in our apartment), she asked me to put on a black bow tie and dinner jacket.
5 New Year's Eve, I boarded the train to Moscow with an interim stop in Leningrad's Finland Station.
6 At least 59 people died and more than 130 were injured in a fire at a Bangkok nightclub packed with New Year's eve revellers, Thai police said last night.
7 This super dinner will start from 3 PM on New Year's Eve and end at 10 am the next day.
8 even supplanted CCTV's Lunar New Year's Eve Gala-a heavily patriotic extravaganza-as the year's most-watched show in the city.
9 Britney Spears is planning a New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas.
10 The Gala, which AIRS on New Year's Eve, is normally watched by hundreds of millions of viewers.
11 Christmas holidays: shopping in SoHo, visiting the tree at Rockefeller Center, celebrating New Year's Eve in Times Square - the works.
12 On New Year's Eve , Sheldrake asks Bud for the key , but Bud refuses .
13 A long-exposure photo created using sparklers shows children writing out "2010", celebrating on New Year's eve in Manila on December 31, 2009.
14 Group sponsors the first New Year's Eve pyrotechnic countdown at Two IFC to welcome the arrival of 2008.
15 The morning of the New Year's eve, everyone is busy to stick couplets, red lantern, a thriving scene.
16 Therefore, every day, New Year's eve CunCunZhaiZhai people FuLaoXieYou fled to the mountains, to avoid "nian" beast of damage.
17 Explanations: Accoring to the Chinese myth, "NIAN" is a savage beast that usually comes out on Chinese New Year's Eve.
18 In order to commemorate the man and his glory deeds, we play firecrackers and eat Nian cake every New Year's eve.
19 And in New York, nearly a million New Year's eve revelers were expected to cram into Times Square to watch the midnight ball drop, just days after the city got clobbered by a blizzard.
20 This isn't far off from the rest of the country; Oct. 5 is the most popular birth date in the U.S., according to Anybirthday.com (nine months exactly after New Year's Eve).
21 Often all revelled in a whole night on on New Year's eve.
22 Every New Year's Eve, thousands of New Yorks and visitors welcome to New Year here, and we should not miss seeing village, a little west of Washington square.
23 Today is New Year's Eve. As our tradition, we had Fondue for dinner.
24 The gala usually starts at 8 p.m. on New Year's Eve and lasts about four hours.
25 Dutch and Hungarians eat donuts; households in Italy and Holland serve balls of Fried dough sweetened with sugar and honey on New Year's Eve.
26 This stockbroker went out to a New Year's Eve partywith a client, and drank himself into a stupor.
27 The Christmas tree, first erected in 1996, constitutes Rio de Janeiro's third biggest tourist event after the pre-lenten Carnival and New Year's Eve on Copacabana and other beaches.
28 On Cup Final night and New Year's Eve it is boarded up to prevent over-enthusiastic revellers from climbing onto it.
29 We know it's not customary to exchange New Year's Eve gifts, but we couldn't help but get you a little something for the holiday. Well, erm, we didn't so much get it as bring it to your attention.
30 Babysitters on Halloween are even scarcer than on New Year's eve.