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1 Rockefeller has also bucked up the planning for New Orleans's reconstruction, which had stalled amid political conflict in the hurricane-devastated city.
2 For the past 12 years, staff at the New Orleans advertising agency have enjoyed "Free Beer Fridays".
3 This week Phelps has been listening to Lil Wayne, a rapper from New Orleans.
4 Much like New Orleans and Jamaica, Brazil is the product of a unique confluence of cultures, bringing together Portuguese, African and indigenous influences.
5 The menu had the Italian influence but also a bit of New Orleans with the matzo beignets with lemon curd and fresh mint.
6 jazz collection is displayed in the Old U.S. Mint. Each spring the city puts on the New Orleans jazz and Heritage Festival.
7 In the land of voodoo and witchcraft, legends and legendary disasters, it's no wonder New Orleans -and the state of Louisiana, for that matter -is rife with ghost tales.
8 She had dated several men in New Orleans and had a fine time, according to her memoir, Leading with My Heart, which I’m sure would have been a bestseller if she had lived to promote it.
9 natural Disaster Manager for the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans, says this does disrupt the natural ecology of the lake, but only for a while.
10 Vernon Rudolph bought a recipe from a New Orleans French pastry chef for yeast doughnuts, and in 1937 he started to sell them to local grocery stores in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
11 of historic New Orleans was covered with water after the levees designed to protect it suffered 53 individual failures, and the low-lying city was inundated.
12 I got through the Arkansas interviews and was off to New Orleans for the finals.
13 Tulane university in New Orleans has partnered with east China's (inaudible) university in Shanghai, to trade (inaudible) in disaster response and wetland management.
14 has spent his life getting others elected to office recently said he would run for New Orleans mayor without hesitation-if he could.
15 When I opened the door to the plant, I was almost knocked over by the loud sound of Willie Nelson singing one of my favorite songs, Steve Goodman's City of New Orleans.
16 the year in New Orleans, Mother came home to Hope eager to put her anesthesia training into practice, elated at being reunited with me, and back to her old fun-loving self.
17 she's wearing are trinkets in her hair and a plastic beaded necklace, like you see at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
18 Even in New Orleans, all anyone was talking about on Saturday was that epic opener between the Spurs and Suns.
19 Five New Orleans police officers have been convicted over the Hurricane Katrina bridge shootings.
20 Six current and former police officers in New Orleans were charged by a federal grand jury in connection with the Danziger Bridge shootings in an investigation led by the Justice Department.
21 Five New Orleans police officers have been convicted for their complicity in a series of murders and shootings of residents trying to escape the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
22 That fear has led some doctors who live in the city to commute to hospitals far outside New Orleans rather than work locally.
23 day, the recordings of Morton speaking about his early days in New Orleans, and playing examples of various musical styles, provide a valuable glimpse into the beginnings of jazz.
24 result, the peoples of New Orleans evolved a unique culture and society, while at the same time blending many heritages.
25 Every year thousands of bands and fans travel to the southern state of Louisiana for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.
26 economy was drooping, and the Agile Development conference, held in Utah shortly before this conference, attracted attendees who might otherwise have traveled to New Orleans.
27 During Hurricane Katrina, some residents of New Orleans made excellent contributions by taking cameras onto their home-made boats and making videos of their own neighbourhoods.
28 But Newark, St Louis and New Orleans, long the nation's murder capital, have become even deadlier.
29 Katrina's torrential rains and a massive storm surge proved too much for the decades-old levee system in New Orleans.
30 The storm also flooded New Orleans and extensively damaged Houma Indian and Cajun settlements in the Louisiana marshes.