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New Archangel in a sentence

1. As a permanent settlement, New Archangel became the largest city in the region.

2. This new Archangel being is unsure of who or what he now was, but was determined to find out.

3. The ship wrecked on the Olympic Peninsula and the surviving crew didn't return to New Archangel for two years.

4. Hunt joined the crew to negotiate with RAC governor Alexander Andreyevich Baranov at New Archangel.

5. During his tenure, he founded both Pavlovskaya and later New Archangel, settlements that became operating bases for the company.

6. The Pearl, a vessel of the maritime fur trade, was sailing from Boston, Massachusetts to New Archangel/Sitka.

7. American fur trader John Jacob Astor sent a ship in 1810 to present-day Alaska with the intention of supplying New Archangel.

8. American Captain Brown of the Lydia purchased the Nikolai crew and they sailed for New Archangel, arriving there on 9 June.

9. In Aug. 1805, Nikolai Rezanov arrived at New Archangel, then visiting the scattered RAC possessions.

10. After several months the Russians departed for New Archangel without an agreement for provisions.

11. Departing from New Archangel on 30 September 1840 with his family, Kupreyanov continued his career in the Imperial Russian Navy.

12. this was the first of three circumnavigations in his career to New Archangel.

13. Reaching New Archangel (now Sitka, Alaska) on 13 September, Hagemeister was stationed on Kodiak Island for most of 1808.

14. Delivering the salt to New Archangel, he later departed for Saint Petersburg in 1810 on Neva.

15. Vasily Golovnin encouraged him to plan another journey to New Archangel, and worked for his appointment to an RAC ship.

16. Hagemeister arrived at New Archangel during 1817, with his second-in-command, Semyon Yanovsky.

17. Returning to New Archangel, Hagemeister and other naval officers spent the winter examining the financial records of the RAC.

18. In late October 1818, Hagemeister and Baranov departed from New Archangel;

19. Archangels do not serve for life, but every twenty years Jovah selects a new Archangel.

20. It was destroyed by Tlingits in 1802 but rebuilt nearby in 1804 and given the name Novo-Arkhangelsk (New Archangel).

21. This new Archangel was unsure of who or what he now was, but was determined to find out.

22. As a permanent settlement, New Archangel became the largest city in the region.

23. Disagreements with the captain prompted Schäffer to disembark the ship in New Archangel (present day Sitka, Alaska).

24. A mission from New Archangel was organized and sent to the Hawaiian Kingdom in October.

25. The Tlingit built their dwellings directly outside the New Archangel palisade and under "strict rules" established by Muravyev.

26. The renewed trade with the Tlingit gave New Archangel "a better standard of living."

27. This commercial agreement saw the termination of the PSAC, providing agricultural and pastoral products to New Archangel.

28. Dutch towns of New Amsterdam (New York City), and the Russian town of New Archangel (now Sitka).

29. The Beaver arrived at New Archangel on 19 August.

30. The settlement of New Archangel (now Sitka) was the capital of Russian America.