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No. sentence
1 We argued with them about the new law.
2 He demonstrated the new invention to us.
3 New York is like many big, crowded cities in having plenty of art to bump into - or drop or toss in the trash or surrender to the cosmic banana peel.
4 They have restocked the library shelves with large quantities of new books.
5 If your new coat is too large, a tailor can alter it to fit you.
6 I redirected his letters to his new house.
7 Since the new tree was unable to reproduce naturally, caretakers amputated some of its limbs and grafted them onto other citrus trees to produce more of the desirable fruit.
8 new camps, with sentences typically under two years, have been grafted on to a system of longer-term penitentiaries.
9 His compositions, mainly for the piano, were groundbreaking for the way they grafted a new expressiveness and passion onto older musical forms.
10 An obvious limitation of this approach is that for each new error handling process a new decision branch must be created.
11 Cool climatic conditions like those typically found in New Zealand generate much higher levels of these chemicals at comparable stages of berry ripening than do warmer climes.
12 So he started paring down his material life, selling off his condo in New York, his mansion in Florida and his only car.
13 We have to weigh the cost of the new system against the benefits it will bring.
14 New arts have been born in the course of the history of man.
15 Android 2.2 has new features in areas like: enterprise integration, device management API, performance, tethering, browser, and marketplace.
16 They will transfer those books into the new library.
17 They have razed those buildings to make way for the new highway.
18 I believe all conferences should be banned as part of the new austerity.
19 If you notice, we went deeper and deeper into the problem, using the same method over and over until we reached something that was new, an "endpoint".
20 She lives in New York but we reached her on her mobile phone in Amman.
21 If you want to keep all of the data together then zip up all of the files into a new file with a new extension.
22 They hope to cultivate a new strain that combines all these merits but does not have the defects.
23 Jim huddled up an agreement with Harding Co. Ltd. and flew back New York this morning.
24 We're publishing a new series on music next year.
25 James began publishing a newspaper, the new England Courant.
26 Some companies routinely ask "How did you hear about us?" of every new customer who phones or visits.
27 As Apple scrambles to add new features in order to capture back some of that market, its phones will inevitably slowly become a little more complex, too.
28 The problem has assumed a new form.
29 Penang's new leader, Lim Guan Eng, says that the federal government has an "ambivalent" attitude towards him, cutting off some funding but not undermining his authority.
30 The revival of Penang was already under way in 2008, but Mr Eng's new policies have helped it along.