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Nenana in a sentence

1. Nenana City School District operates public schools serving Nenana.

2. In the 1960s, a road was completed between Anderson and Nenana.

3. The third is the Nenana Living School in Nenana.

4. Nenana /nɛˈnænə/ (Lower Tanana: Toghotili;

5. Nenana is in the westernmost portion of Tanana territory.

6. Nenana is located at 64°33′50″N 149°5′35″W

7. Health clinic services are provided by the Nenana Native Clinic.

8. 911 emergency service is available in Nenana;

9. Golden Valley Electric Association has a regional office in Nenana.

10. Nenana has affordable housing and low rents.

11. Nenana is a center of dog mushing;

12. Nenana has air, river, road and railroad access.

13. However, the local Tanana name was spelled Nenana on a later map.

14. Below this, the river is Class I or II all the way to Nenana.

15. Nenana may refer to:

16. They departed from Nenana on March 17, 1913.

17. On July 15 Harding drove in a golden railroad spike at Nenana.

18. On March 17, 1913, the expedition left from Nenana to climb Denali.

19. One of the first was Al Ketzler, Sr., of Nenana.

20. After the war, he lived in Nenana and worked as a Deputy Marshall.

21. Nenana (1933), an Alaskan stern-wheeler;

22. Nenana was built at Nenana, Alaska, and launched in May 1933.

23. Nenana was built to serve as a packet.

24. Nenana had accommodations for 48 passengers on her saloon deck.

25. On the Tanana River, the A.R.R. operated between Nenana and Tanana.

26. Keno, the second Klondike, and Nenana survive as museums.

27. On July 31, the Tanana River began to overflow its banks in Nenana.

28. On August 2, the Tanana River at Nenana crested at 14.64 feet.

29. On March 17, 1913, the expedition left Nenana to climb McKinley.

30. In Nenana, about one-third of households have a permit.