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Native Alaskans in a sentence

1. His gentle approach and ascetic life earned him the love and respect of both the native Alaskans and the Russian colonists.

2. Language minority groups protected by these provisions include Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Native Alaskans.

3. That year the school had 34 employees, with four of them being native Alaskans;

4. A plurality being Asian, with 542 (the largest community of Asians), 391 Whites, 167 Native Alaskans, 20 Creoles and 3 not classified.

5. It reported a population of 288, of which 253 were "Creole" (a mixture of Russian and Native Alaskans), 20 Whites and 15 Aleuts.

6. Chignik Bay reported a population of 193 in 1890 (which was majority Asian (121), with 66 White residents, 5 Native Alaskans &

7. 71 of the residents were Native Alaskans and 2 were "Creole" (mixed Russian/Caucasian and Native Alaskan).

8. It was named by some Native Alaskans, "Menlale" or Denali's wife, for the mountain once known as Mount McKinley.

9. Native Alaskans also developed a system of pictographs, which, however, died with its creators.

10. In this case the nonwhite workers were predominantly native Alaskans and Filipinos (Alaskeros).

11. Eskimo documented many of the hunting and cultural practices of Native Alaskans.

12. Both Stromberg and Van Dyke wanted the Native Alaskans in the film to speak in their native tongue.

13. At one point, most of the Native Alaskans in the film went on strike.

14. For thousands of years, Native Alaskans of the Arctic have depended on whale meat.

15. Native Alaskans in the area protested the threatened loss of nine villages that would be flooded by the dam.

16. This area was frequented by Russians and native Alaskans hunters as early as 1812, and by Mexican land owners in the 1840s.

17. The infant mortality rate of American Indians and Native Alaskans is 8.6 for every 1,000 live births.

18. Out of the single race population of Native Americans and Native Alaskans, about 16.8% of individuals have a disability.

19. Included among the artifacts are items that demonstrate the natural environment of these native Alaskans.

20. For his work with native Alaskans, he was named as an honorary member of the Alaska Council of Elders in 1984.

21. According to its site, the congregation includes Muslims from Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as converted native Alaskans.

22. He was also responsible for drafting the Native Alaskans

23. Native Alaskans also used A. tilesii as a deodorizer after the preparation of fish.

24. In 1937, the Sami and all other non-Native Alaskans were banned from owning reindeer.

25. Some Native Alaskans eat the bone marrow of caribou and moose.

26. They depended on Native Alaskans to cut and sell cordwood to them.

27. Prices for the marten furs trapped and sold by Native Alaskans had dropped to $15 a pelt, down from the 1946 high of $100.

28. Most of the Schäffer's employees were Native Alaskans.

29. Each part of the dandelion can and has been used by Native Alaskans and other Native Americans for medicinal use.

30. The last whale hunters in the United States, native Alaskans ply slushy waters off the state's coast in a walrus-skin boat.