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1 The Nuffield authors did find that Scots had a rosier view of the general running of their NHS than people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
2 an NHS board responsibility that we do not find ourselves in this position with the swine flu vaccine.
3 Although the NHS needs improvement and the government is pulling some of the right levers to get it, the scale, pace and untested riskiness of the proposed changes give pause.
4 The leaflet says: "Since May 2010 the NHS has gained 2,550 more doctors and has 3,000 fewer managers."
5 More than a quarter of those infected as a result of blood transfusions have died in what Robert Winston described as "the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS".
6 The NHS is expected to pay existing marriage guidance services, and newly-trained counsellors to provide the therapy.
7 Question 583 asks how much choice do you think NHS patients should have, and 584 asks how much choice do you think they actually have.
8 However the technique is not yet available on the NHS so most people who tear ligaments can expect to continue to have to reach for the knitting needle.
9 The official line is that reforms to schools, the NHS and other institutions are proceeding as intended.
10 change will be implemented by both NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) in England and North Wales and the Blood Services of Scotland and Wales.
11 Whoever wins, the NHS will remain free at the point of use and financed by taxes.
12 This pledge is a great example of how business can work with NHS staff to provide women with valuable information.
13 Lansley will have to gush about his settlement while his department does more with less and the NHS implements a massive programme of hospital closures, job cuts and rationing vital treatment.
14 Being a man of action, he brought up the laptop and logged on to the NHS Swine Flu symptom-checker.
15 The NHS in Coventry said that it has suspended the vaccination programme in local schools for at least two days while a “full and urgent investigation” is carried out.
16 Since leaving the NHS, Gee has been working with health providers in different countries and has helped to produce the first worldwide estimates for health-care fraud.
17 East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has issued a strict new uniform policy for all staff after a series of complaints from patients.
18 The NHS recommends no more than three to four units a day – equivalent to less than two pints of beer.
19 In recent years many dentists have turned to private practice as fees for doing NHS work have been squeezed.
20 Changes in 2006 had been intended to simplify payments for NHS work, and to encourage dentists to concentrate less on drilling and filling and more on prevention.
21 Today there is no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodic fits of panic about the National Health Service (NHS).
22 The system, which has been trialled by the NHS at 10 sites across the UK, has just produced promising initial results which show a reduction in reoffending.
23 First, they should have used their disastrous inheritance as an excuse to break their promise to maintain NHS spending: even a 5% cut in that bloated department would have eased pressure elsewhere.
24 Doctors and patients' groups said they were "horrified" by the use of NHS resources for relationship advice when patients with cancer and dementia were being denied treatment they desperately needed.
25 But many of his MPs and others in the party do not share his cuddly views on the NHS or relatively pragmatic stance on Europe.
26 As the Tories have promised to ring-fence the NHS, an even sharper reduction in expenditure lies ahead for unprotected areas such as defence and transport.
27 is also where people are often most dissatisfied: more than half of all complaints to the NHS are about end-of-life care.
28 Or has the NHS row confirmed a deeper Tory hunch: that just as leopards have spots, Lib Dems are perfidious and sneaky, making the coalition an obstacle to bold policymaking?
29 In a sharply worded critique of the rising popularity of pain-free Labour, Walsh warns that normal birth is in danger of being "effectively anaesthetised by the epidural epidemic" in the NHS.
30 Shergill, a consultant dermatologist at Brighton University Hospitals NHS Trust, said that people who developed the rash should not be overly concerned.