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1 The NCAA was the recipient of the Impact award, an award given to the person or organization that demonstrates an overwhelming support for the sport of swimming throughout the Olympic quadrennial.
2 Kimberly Archie, a former cheerleader, thinks they need the “sports” designation. It would put them under the NCAA in matters of safety and insurance, which might lead to proper rules.
3 While a student at Georgetown University, she competed in the NCAA Division I, using pioneering carbon-fiber prosthetic devices designed to imitate the hind legs of a cheetah.
4 company gave college hoops one more try in 2009 with NCAA Basketball 10, featuring Los Angeles clipper star Blake Griffin on the cover, before abandoning the sport altogether.
5 He led the Gators to a national championship, earning the NCAA tournament Most Outstanding Player honors by setting a tournament record with 29 blocks.
6 Under her tenure, Harvard has won four Ivy League softball titles and three NCAA championships.
7 Florida's Alex Tyus tries to hang on to the ball against Florida State during an NCAA college basketball game in Gainesville, Fla. November 24.
8 The brand's marketing team chose NCAA sports as a venue for its advertising and created a "highlight reel" of collegiate stars involved in charities meant to help the needy.
9 NCAA has incorporated heat acclimation into football training schedules.
10 They were losing badly to St. John's in the second round of the NCAA East basketball tournament.
11 Manhattan, Kansas, USA: American football fans watch from an upper deck while a thunderstorm approaches Bill Snyder Family stadium during the first quarter of an NCAA college football game.
12 It would put them under the NCAA in matters of safety and insurance, which might lead to proper rules.
13 On the day after the wedding, we all went to see the Arkansa's Razorbacks defeat the University of Michigan in the NCAA Basketball Tournament quarterfinals.
14 same time, Bridges noted that the White House continues to make celebration a priority as well, citing a ceremony that same day for the NCAA champions.
15 Miller and other museum officials said spring break, along with special events like the NCAA basketball tournament in Tucson, Ariz., are contributing to increased foot traffic.
16 Coach Nolan Richardson’s Arkansas team won the NCAA Championship over Duke in 1994, I was in the arena.
17 She was indeed offered a scholarship, a full ride, to a Division I, NCAA women's basketball team.
18 For a big guy, Yao had excellent basketball IQ," says Ma Jian, 41, a retired national team player who played for Utah in the NCAA in the 1990s.
19 Corbett says what happened was unforgivable but that the NCAA has no authority to ban the school from four years worth of ball games and erase 112 wins from the record books.
20 Two teams from Connecticut will face off tonight in the NCAA college championship for Men's Hockey.
21 where she double-majored in history and diplomacy, she became the first double amputee to compete in NCAA Division 1 track and field.
22 Electronic Arts released NCAA Basketball 09 with UCLA star Kevin Love on the cover.
23 Las Vegas - a Las Vegas teacher is using the NCAA College Basketball Tournament to teach math to her students.
24 NCAA experts choose the teams to play in the tournament each year.
25 So, who came up with the idea, Coach? And why did you and the NCAA want to get involved?
26 The only logical conclusion is that the NCAA did it because they benefited from the penalties and because the leadership of the NCAA believed that it could.
27 Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, wants a federal judge to throw out the harsh penalties the NCAA imposed against Penn State University last year.
28 Now, the NCAA goes to the college and asks for proof of this player's academic eligibility.
29 Which number one seed will go furthest in the 2008 NCAA men's Basketball Tournament?
30 He'll be coached by Bruce Weber, who guided the Illini to a 23-12 record last year before losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament.