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Mycenean in a sentence

1. Mycenean Athens in 1600–1100 BC could have reached the size of Tiryns;

2. Thyestes felt he had been deprived of the Mycenean throne unfairly by his brother, Atreus.

3. and honey was offered to the Greek gods from Mycenean times.

4. Mycenaean artefacts have been found well outside the limits of the Mycenean world.

5. There is evidence of a cult in Eleusis from the Mycenean period;

6. However, the pots also preserved spirals indicative of Mycenean art.

7. and honey was offered to the Greek gods from Mycenean times.

8. In view of the cargo's nature and composition the findings are of a Greek Mycenean provenance.

9. Another etymology suggests a Pelasgian, pre-Mycenean, origin (Lucabetu=mastoid hill).

10. Archaeological excavation has shown some Mycenean influence on Bronze Age Sicily.

11. In Europe they include the Mycenean tholos tomb type.

12. The slopes of Taygetus have been inhabited since at least Mycenean times.

13. Other traditions suggest that they were of Mycenean origin.

14. The Dimini area contains both a Mycenean settlement and a Neolithic settlement.

15. In 1886, Lolling and Wolters excavated the Mycenean tholos tomb known as Lamiospito.

16. Excavations of the Mycenean settlement in Dimini began in 1980 by V. Adrimi-Sismani.

17. It was built on the site of an earlier Mycenean fort.

18. During LMII, Mycenean influence became apparent.

19. In the Mycenean cult she was known by the title Potnia.

20. The first historical indications we have are from the Mycenean age.

21. It was first built in the Mycenean times.

22. In 1886, he discovered and identified the Mycenean palace at Tiryns.

23. Whether or not this is really an indication of a Mycenean invasion is contested.

24. Troy was reduced to flames by the Mycenean fury.

25. The area is the only known inland site in Italy with a significant quantity of Mycenean pottery.

26. The fibula soon spread to Crete, Cyprus and Mycenean trading posts in Sicily.

27. Relics from the Mycenean period can be found in the vicinity.

28. The site itself is near a series of large Mycenean chamber tombs.

29. Mycenean pottery III C and -rude style.

30. Part one discusses post- Mycenean Greece (1100 BC).