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Most eggs in a sentence

1. Most eggs are black or dark brown and this has the advantage of absorbing warmth from the sun which the insulating capsule retains.

2. most eggs are laid between November and January.

3. Although the statement was widely interpreted as referring to "most eggs produced", in fact it related to the egg production flock;

4. Raw chicken eggs and goose eggs can harbor S. enterica, initially in the egg whites, although most eggs are not infected.

5. Most eggs are laid in the first week of June when the tundra is snow free.

6. Most eggs from one ootheca hatch at the same time along the entire convex site, as worm-like prelarvae (L1).

7. Most eggs are spawned in waters 9–12 °C (48–54 °F) in temperature, and as such the majority of eggs hatch in about a week.

8. Most Dolichovespula species including D. media mate only once or fertilise most eggs with sperm from a single male.

9. most eggs in the UK are laid in short turf, up to 4 cm, and often next to patches of bare ground.

10. It breeds all year but most eggs are laid in July–November.

11. Most eggs are around 10 mm.

12. Mating begins around 24 hours after emergence and most eggs are laid within the first quarter of the female's life.

13. The grandmother expresses her joy by saying, "Katy may not have found the most eggs, but she found the most beautiful eggs."

14. If multiple foundresses are present, the one that lays the most eggs will be the dominant queen.

15. The extended breeding occurs between July and March, with most eggs laid between October and February.

16. Most eggs are laid between September and October.

17. However, females laid most eggs when it mated with a male who was one day older.

18. Most eggs are laid between August and February with breeding reaching a peak in spring between September and December.

19. In fact, the balancing of most eggs on their broad ends is not particularly difficult at any time of the year.

20. Most eggs count for a single point, but a golden egg will periodically appear that is worth five points.

21. Most eggs exposed at the Pinyes locality were incompletely preserved because of recent erosion;

22. Breeding is seasonal with most eggs laid in spring from late October to early November.

23. The most eggs hatched between 44% and 63% humidity, and 44% produced the highest survival.

24. However, most eggs of the third generation enter into diapause and survive the long dry season as a partly developed embryo.

25. Sperm stored often determines which male ends up fertilizing the most eggs.

26. The most successful males choose the largest females, as these produce the most eggs and most quickly.

27. The tree in Saalfeld does not hold the record for the most eggs on one tree.

28. Most eggs hatch within the next three days, but some may take up to one month.

29. Most eggs will be infected within two hours after spawning.

30. prizes of candy are awaiting the child finding the most eggs.