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No. sentence
1 Ann and Morriss became special friends to Hillary and me, and when we married, they hosted our wedding reception at their home.
2 I had good personal evidence of this last week watching Mark Morris's faultless dance piece V, performed to the Schumann, an experience that made me indescribably happy.
3 Ann Henry taught at the Business School; her husband, Morriss, was an ophthalmologist and our state senator.
4 One of Prof Morris's most optimistic views is that each age gets the thought it needs.
5 But because the DNA code itself remained unchanged, Morris's team suggest that the changes in gene expression are epigenetic.
6 Morriss said: one of the greatest human qualities is creative.
7 September, our friends Diane Kincaid and Jim Blair were married in Morris's and Ann Henry's backyard, where Hillary and I had had our wedding reception four years earlier.
8 We've heard of images of Jesus or Mary appearing in people's homes, but here's a new one on us. An image of David Beckham appeared on the wall of Daryl Morris's dining room while he was re-decorating.
9 In fact, Philip Morris's price rise was three weeks ahead of the SCHIP tax increase.
10 Brian Morriss argues that it is "conceptually and historically misleading" to "create a dichotomy between socialism and anarchism".
11 Beale entrusted a box containing the encrypted messages to a local innkeeper named Robert Morriss and then disappeared, never to be seen again.
12 In 1822 he entrusted the box to a Lynchburg innkeeper named Robert Morriss.
13 Beale told Morriss not to open the box unless he or one of his men failed to return from their journey within 10 years.
14 Sending a letter from St. Louis a few months later, Beale promised Morriss that a friend in St. Louis would mail the key to the cryptograms, however, it never arrived.
15 It was not until 1845 that Morriss opened the box.
16 Morriss had no luck in solving the ciphers, and decades later left the box and its contents to an unnamed friend.
17 Ward himself is almost untraceable in local records except that a man with that name owned the home in which a Sarah Morriss, identified as the spouse of Robert Morriss, died at age 77, in 1863.
18 From 1820, he was also living in Richmond, Virginia at the time of Beale's alleged encounters with Morriss.