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Montgomery Advertiser in a sentence

1. Major newspapers include Birmingham News, Mobile Press-Register, and Montgomery Advertiser.

2. In 1994, the Montgomery Advertiser published an eight-part critical report on the SPLC.

3. The morning newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, began publication as The Planter's Gazette in 1829.

4. On May 8, 1914, Montgomery Advertiser reported the following under the headline SHOE THIEF SUSPECT LYNCHED.

5. The Montgomery Advertiser did not even report their names correctly.

6. Hubbard told the Montgomery Advertiser in the mid-1950s, "Negroes can't get in here.

7. Journalist Ray Jenkins of the Montgomery Advertiser recalled Martin as having been.

8. The Montgomery Advertiser is a daily newspaper and news website located in Montgomery, Alabama.

9. It became the Montgomery Advertiser in 1833.

10. The Montgomery Advertiser newspaper reported that Bronner was a key player in the move.

11. Cartoonist Frank Spangler of the Montgomery Advertiser prepared sketches of the new design.

12. In 1994, he was named co-"Citizen of the Year" by the Montgomery Advertiser alongside his brother.

13. On Friday, September 27, 1991, Ramsey was the front-page story in the Montgomery Advertiser.

14. At the Montgomery Advertiser, Martin also opposed Governor Wallace's segregationist policies.

15. In 1963, he accepted the co-publisher's position with the Montgomery Advertiser in the state capital.

16. Sellers' first newspaper jobs were in the 1940s with the Associated Press and the Montgomery Advertiser.

17. He once told a reporter from the Montgomery Advertiser: "They can't get in here.

18. From 1878 to his death, he was connected with the editorial department of the Montgomery Advertiser.

19. By his sophomore year, Milliner was a Montgomery Advertiser All-Metro 5A-6A selection.

20. He bought a share of the Montgomery Advertiser in Montgomery, Alabama and became the editor and publisher.

21. Today the Montgomery Advertiser says that it "waged war on the resurgent Ku Klux Klan" during the 1920s.

22. He was a Montgomery Advertiser editor after the war, and editor-in-chief from 1956 to 1971.

23. Funds were gathered largely from a promotion by the Montgomery Advertiser.

24. In June 1896 he went to work for The Montgomery Advertiser as a solicitor in the circulation department.

25. MA = selected by the Montgomery Advertiser.

26. He began his newspaper career as a member of the Montgomery Advertiser in 1907.

27. There he became a lawyer, and was also the founder and first editor of the Montgomery Advertiser.

28. In later life, he served as the editor of the Montgomery Advertiser.

29. He served as the city editor of the Montgomery Advertiser.

30. He later moved to Montgomery, where he became the city editor for the Montgomery Advertiser.