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Monic in a sentence

1. In linear algebra, the Frobenius companion matrix of the monic polynomial.

2. The monic irreducible polynomial x + x + x + x + 1 over GF(2) is not primitive.

3. In 2014 a Dutch film was released about her with Monic Hendrickx in the lead role.

4. Biosynthesis of the 17C monic acid unit begins on MmpD (Figure 1).

5. Assembly of monic acid is continued by the transfer of the 12C product of MmpD to MmpA.

6. The registry for this domain name is operated by the Macao Network Information Centre (MONIC).

7. MONIC has requested these domains.

8. Selected animal and plant names in Proto-Monic, Proto-Nyah Kur, and Proto-Mon (Diffloth 1984):

9. The nearest relatives to the Aslian languages are Monic and Nicobarese.

10. Joseph de Monic (c.1650 –

11. Monic never achieved full governor status because of his misunderstandings with his senior lieutenants.

12. An album released in early 2012 in preparation for the D Monic Records label D Monic.net.

13. Starting from this monic equation we see that.

14. The continued fraction solution to the general monic quadratic equation with complex coefficients.

15. Demonic, daemonic or dæmonic may refer to:

16. is defined as the monic polynomial of least degree among all polynomials in F[x] having α

17. Let μT,v be the monic polynomial which generates it. and for these coefficients one has.

18. Monic Hendrickx (born 3 December 1966 in Sint Anthonis) is a Dutch actress.

19. Monic Hendrickx was born in 1966 in the Netherlands.

20. Y {\displaystyle X\gets R\to Y} that is jointly monic.

21. Ditto (Monicão – a portmanteau of "Mônica" and "cão", dog in Portuguese) is Monica's pet.

22. Available via the Paris-based D-monic label, it included tracks from Freedom Is Work onward.

23. Let m be a monic polynomial, and let m = ∏

24. Friday, August 7 : Mastilo, Milow, Kwabs, Robbie Williams, Stereo MC's DJ Set, Jin Monic.

25. It won three, including Best Screenplay, Best Actress (Monic Hendrickx) and Best Actor (William McInnes).

26. Algebraic integer: An algebraic number that is the root of a monic polynomial with integer coefficients.

27. Monic represented Puerto Rico at the 62nd annual Miss Universe.

28. Monic is currently an international model based in New York City, represented by IMG Models.

29. In May 2019, it was announced that Monic Hendrickx also plays a role in the film.

30. COZIC is a Canadian artist duo composed of Monic Brassard (born 1944) and Yvon Cozic (born 1942).