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Molecular analysis in a sentence

1. The jug was subjected to molecular analysis to determine the contents.

2. originating from a single common ancestor (supported from molecular analysis).

3. molecular analysis has not supported this classification.

4. Molecular analysis is usually required for an accurate diagnosis.

5. It used molecular analysis and looked at twenty unlinked nuclear genes.

6. Evidence from a 2007 molecular analysis supports polyphyly of Pareuchiloglanis.

7. Molecular analysis, together with morphometric data, has taxonomic implications.

8. The intactness can make tagged sequence easily to molecular analysis.

9. Molecular analysis puts both close to D. minor and D. pubescens.

10. IMAGE stands for integrated molecular analysis of genomes and their expression.

11. however molecular analysis showed that they only differ in cytotype.

12. Pending molecular analysis, Christidis &

13. Molecular analysis places the species in a basal position of the Myxocybe clade.

14. Molecular analysis places Climacodon as a member of the Phlebioid clade.

15. Y.C.Dai, were transferred to the new genus Sidera based on molecular analysis.

16. Molecular analysis has since confirmed the uniqueness of Thurovia.

17. She developed the new techniques in molecular analysis that underlie her work.

18. The molecular analysis were compared to each other.

19. Molecular analysis is ongoing.

20. Molecular analysis shows Borofutus to be closely related to Spongiforma.

21. Molecular analysis showed an close relationship with Amanita proxima.

22. Molecular analysis can be performed by taking one of the cells from an embryo.

23. Molecular analysis indicates that it is closely related to Chalciporus rubinus.

24. They can be used for molecular analysis of the time of postmortem intervals.

25. Her studies allowed her to move from classic genetics to molecular analysis.

26. Supplies, Molecular Analysis, Cell Analysis, and Physiology.

27. Molecular analysis indicates that T. foetidum is closely related to T. maculatum.

28. Molecular analysis suggests that it is closely related to Skeletocutis kuehneri.

29. Molecular analysis places it in the Meruliaceae, in the phlebioid clade.

30. Molecular analysis suggests that the genus belongs in the family Steccherinaceae.