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1 is part of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, set up under royal patronage to help the disfranchised ethnic minorities of northern Thailand.
2 Yunnan is a spectacular land of mountains, rivers and forests, with 25 tribal ethnic minorities making up more than a third of the population.
3 She fought for women’s rights, crusaded for the causes of workers, promoted equality for minorities, and championed the underprivileged and the oppressed.
4 He dared to tell the French what they did not care to hear: that they should work more, take more risks, promote more ethnic minorities, be nicer to America.
5 You must respect the rights of minorities and participate with a spirit of tolerance and compromise.
6 Congress was designed so that minorities can wield power well out of proportion to their number if they stick together.
7 As part of the price of Western recognition for their independence, Kosovo's leaders agreed that their land should have room for non-Albanian minorities.
8 When he tentatively tries to ask about the treatment of minorities, the governor brusquely interrupts to say that “we have no minorities in Turkey.
9 This not only applies to the struggles of minorities or women, but to the problems faced by all people.
10 In Pakistan, the Taliban fund their endeavors by raising tens of millions of dollars through kidnapping, bank robberies, extortion, and illegal taxes on gems, timber, and local minorities.
11 perhaps surprising is that substantial minorities in America apparently believe in ghosts, UFOs, witches, astrology and reincarnation.
12 But on any one issue, a person may be in the minority, so simple self-interest dictates that there be special protection for minorities.
13 groups that preach hate for minorities may hold marches and other public events.
14 NATO needs to reassure all its members, including places like Estonia and Latvia with large Russian minorities, that they are protected by the alliance’s mutual defence guarantees.
15 The ratio of Han to minorities seems pretty well represented.
16 particularly true if UMNO decides to play on tensions between Malaysia's majority Malays and its ethnic-Chinese and Indian minorities.
17 people's mediation commission shall have female members and, as in an area of multiethnic population, have members from ethnic minorities.
18 society of 21st century, both the country and the ethnic minorities in China are facing the same problems as the other multiethnic countries of the world have.
19 Since in their view the Sinhalese are the sole owners of Sri Lanka, and all minorities are alien to it, this was unacceptable.
20 But it can't be disclaimed that Confucianism also had a strong attraction for the regimes established by minorities.
21 few Buddhist monasteries attest to other cultural influences in Yunnan province, which is home to more ethnic minorities than any other region of the country.
22 Members of 21 minorities live in this area.
23 If that is the case, then majority and minorities seem to be warming to each other at an unprecedented rate.
24 Polygamy still exists in some forms among upper class members of some minorities.
25 The city said that it had acted to avoid a lawsuit from minorities.
26 This little tale allows Mr Maalouf to reflect on the complex problems of identity that beset minorities such as his own Christian Lebanese family.
27 In Europe, repressive policies, as well as xenophobic and intolerant attitudes, against irregular immigration and unwanted minorities is also of grave concern," she said.
28 other mechanisms thought to help minorities function and achieve without stoking envy, resentment, fear," said Livingston.
29 However, if people concentrate on only the majority in each circumstance, they often forget the voices and rights of the minorities.
30 Those governments generally ignored their fractious Tuareg minorities, leaving them to wander the desert with their flocks of camels and goats.