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No. sentence
1 ear canal also named middle ear splays out at the external position.
2 He finally rummaged out her reply in the middle drawer of his desk.
3 This week, we remember all the victims of al Qaeda and the courage and resilience with which their families and fellow citizens have persevered, from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Asia.
4 Peopled by the ageing middle class of pre-liberalisation India—accountants, middlemen and small entrepreneurs—the tower receives a generous offer from a builder, Dharmen Shah.
5 Higher prices for food and oil, as well as other "external shocks" - such as volatile capital flows from the uncertainties in the Middle East - are undermining economic confidence in Asia Pacific.
6 fence along the middle of the road is intended to guard vehicles from crashing into each other.
7 has gained influence in the Middle East by keeping cordial ties with Iran and standing up for the Palestinians.
8 The middle temperatures are right near that indoor 24, and the neighboring readings, while definitely non-freezing, are distinctly lower.
9 this quotation from the first paragraph into the middle of our essay.
10 Perhaps the bigger risk for China, and the rest of Asia, is what regime change in Libya means for stability in the wider Middle East.
11 middle class in the Eastern world grows daily.
12 By using questionnaire, to discover the condition of learning strategy of junior middle school students in Chuxiong Yi Nationality Prefecture, This essay is an applied research.
13 The southwest hot-dry valley region, which is in the middle reaches of Jinsha River, is composed of parts of the regions of Pan-Xi and Chuxiong.
14 The investigation of burnout of the PE teachers at middle school in Zhaotong shows : on the whole it is not very serious;
15 analyse by contrast to Qianali model, at present Qujing is in transition period from the early phase to the middle phase of industrialization.
16 Our lawn grass does not green up until the middle of May.
17 Although the thread scheduler, in principle, may switch threads in the middle and run them in different order, it tends not to.
18 Now take the main body part and place it head down on the table and lift up the back and place the arms in the middle like so: (a stone is holding down the top part).
19 Since the middle of 2007, Morgan Stanley has raised about twenty billion dollars in new capital and cut in half its leverage ratio-the total value of its assets divided by its capital.
20 Until recently, this small fold of tissue in the middle of the brain was depicted as neatly divided into four distinct areas.
21 I found my group photo with Mr Chen two years ago and placed in the right middle of my bookshelf.
22 The hardest issue of all to tackle will be the perks that currently flow to the middle classes and the elderly.
23 Some participants even taught their robots how to do the exercises they had done in middle school.
24 result of top-down meeting with bottom-up can be a harmonious meeting of the minds, or it can be a train wreck; usually it winds up somewhere in the middle.
25 Now you have the overall font and sizing, but a paragraph in the middle USES a different font and alignment.
26 Europeans in particular, and also Americans, need their memories jogged about just how arrogant, duplicitous and frequently stupid their governments have been in dealing with the Middle East.
27 entrance is crowned with a bas-relief depicting a deer, peacock, some other birds and a rider in the middle who strikes the lion.
28 Both my wife and I told her it was crazy to quit a job with health insurance in the middle of the recession.
29 Middle Market Business has become one of the three backbones of Commerce Bank and it is a major approach which Commerce Bank faces competition and challenge.
30 Later, Dee ‘Danger Is My Middle Name’ and I head to the river for a swim. Crocodiles?