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Metlakatla in a sentence

1. Its largest communities are Craig and Metlakatla.

2. Metlakatla comes from Maxłakxaała, a Tsimshian word meaning "saltwater passage."

3. Duncan remained at Metlakatla until his death in 1918.

4. Travelers into Metlakatla usually reach it via the Alaska Marine Highway ferry.

5. Metlakatla is located at 55°7′37″N 131°34′35″W

6. From 1900-30, it returned as Metlakatla.

7. In 1970 and in every census since, it has been spelled as Metlakatla.

8. the Metlakatla, Kitkatla, Gitga'at at Hartley Bay, and Kitasoo at Klemtu).

9. The largest settlement on the island is Metlakatla.

10. The airport is privately owned by the Metlakatla Indian Community.

11. It is located 5 nautical miles (9 km) south of Metlakatla, Alaska.

12. Her route connects Metlakatla on Annette Island to Ketchikan.

13. The state of Alaska issued contracts for a ferry dock at Metlakatla in 1973.

14. She received her name through an essay contest for Metlakatla grade-school children.

15. It is situated at Metlakatla Pass near Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

16. In 1972, Metlakatla Pass was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

17. He was succeeded as Metlakatla's preacher by the Reverend John Henry Keen.

18. Metlakatla may refer to:

19. Odille was educated in Metlakatla's mission school.

20. Both Charles and Odille Morison died in 1933 in Metlakatla, B.C.

21. Boxley was raised in Metlakatla, Alaska, home to many Tsimshian people.

22. Together, they have made 11 out of Metlakatla’s 13 totem poles.

23. Another is one of three poles in Metlakatla that stand next to each other.

24. He is buried in Metlakatla.

25. He is buried in Ocean View Cemetery in Metlakatla.

26. He recorded a biography of Edward Marsden, an Indian of the tribe Metlakatla in Alaska.

27. It is located 5 nautical miles (9 km) south of Metlakatla, Alaska.

28. Media related to William Duncan residences, Metlakatla, Alaska at Wikimedia Commons.

29. Pardosa metlakatla is a species of wolf spider in the family Lycosidae.

30. The aircraft carried mail and freight bound for Metlakatla in addition to passengers.