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Medically Fragile Children in a sentence

1. His foundation also provided $720,000 to assist in the building of the Andre Agassi Cottage for Medically Fragile Children.

2. In 2007, Francoeur participated in a fundraiser for the Atlanta-based charity with his friend Carl Schuster Dream House for Medically Fragile Children in which Delta Air Lines donated the value of 25,000 SkyMiles (frequent flyer miles) for each home run hit by Francoeur during the season.

3. The campus is also home to Providence Child Center, a 58-bed facility dedicated exclusively to medically fragile children.

4. Dream House For Medically Fragile Children was a Georgia based organization dedicated to providing financial support and homes to children with severe health issues.

5. In the fall of 2001, Laura O. Moore founded the organization as The Dream House for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to moving medically fragile children out of institutions and to educate these children's families, caregivers, and communities about issues that affect them.

6. In December 2002 the organization was renamed the Dream House For Medically Fragile Children.

7. The organization runs three programs: a "Weekend Retreat" respite program that "offers an opportunity where the children can feel at home, while their families can receive a much-needed break from the stress and exhaustion that comes from providing constant, around the clock care", a "Family for Keeps®" education and skills training program that "provides tailored instruction that teaches foster, adoptive and biological families, social work professionals and other caregivers how to provide safe and effective care for medically fragile children at home," and a "Bridging the Gap" program that is intended "to help foster, adoptive and biological families acquire health care supplies, home modifications, and equipment necessary to provide safe and accessible homes for their medically fragile children."

8. Additionally, she implemented Bridges to Health (B2H), a Federal Medicaid-waiver program to provide comprehensive family and community support services to medically-fragile children in foster care and their families.

9. The Graz tube weaning model (German: Graz Sondenentwöhnung) is a method that supports parents, caregivers and professionals to help and empower medically fragile children with early and post-traumatic eating behavior disorders, particularly tube dependency.

10. The agency originally employed over 600 registered nurses and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and provided pediatric services to medically fragile children.

11. During his second year of law school, Sam took a Health, Legislation, and Advocacy course where he drafted a bill to provide skilled nursing services to medically fragile children.