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Mazdak in a sentence

1. With the reforms roaring by the 520s, he no longer had use of Mazdak.

2. Khosrow then summoned Mazdak to look at his garden, saying the following;

3. Mazdak, seeing his followers corpses, screamed and passed out.

4. Not long after Sukhra's execution, a Zoroastrian priest named Mazdak caught Kavad's attention.

5. Mazdak was the chief representative of a religious and philosophical movement called Mazdakism.

6. The historicity of the persona of Mazdak has been questioned.

7. Later Islamic-era sources, particularly al-Tabari's work, also mention Mazdak.

8. Mazdak, seeing his followers' corpses, screamed and passed out.

9. Madharaya has been identified as the hometown of the Sasanian-era Zoroastrian religious leader Mazdak.

10. It was adapted into a 2018 feature film, The Blind Owl: Boofe Koor by Iranian-Canadian Mazdak Taebi.

11. Mazdak (Persian: مزدک‎, Middle Persian: , also Mazdak the Younger;

12. Some sources claim that the original founders of this sect lived earlier than Mazdak.

13. Mazdak had government warehouses opened to help the poor.

14. Scared by the resistance among the powerful, he chose to distance himself from Mazdak.

15. Iqbal describes Karl Marx as reincarnation of the soul of Mazdak.

16. Sale posits the decline of the Persian Empire on rivalry between the sects of Manes and Mazdak.

17. The sect was founded by Mazdak.

18. As a civil servant, he used a number of pseudonyms, including Mazdak.

19. Moreover, Naela Quadri Baloch and her son Mazdak Dilshad Baloch also live in India.

20. Mazdak Dilshad Baloch, organises campaign in India to support the Baloch cause.

21. Joaquin (Quin) Mazdak Luttinger (December 2, 1923 –

22. Conan and Mazdak eliminate the other generals while causing Akhirom to be overthrown in a coup.

23. By Mazdak Shervin, 2018.

24. The Polish-American boxer Daniel Dalca (Mazdak Mirabedini) escapes his problems by enlisting in the army.

25. One, Mazdak Dilshad Baloch, lives in exile in Canada.

26. At the refugee processing facility he's sent to, he befriends Mazdak, an Iraqi refugee.

27. Mazdak eventually hears from Miriam.

28. Hattrick program was founded in 2019 by Mazdak Mirzaei.

29. Mazdak Mirzaei worked in IRIB from 1997 to 2019.

30. They have two children, Mazdak and Anahita.