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May Days in a sentence

1. This was the time of the Barcelona May Days and Orwell was caught up in the factional fighting.

2. The Barcelona May Days led to a governmental crisis that forced Caballero to resign on 17 May 1937.

3. During the dry season from October to May, days range from mild to hot and nights from chilly to mild.

4. During the May Days, he encouraged the CNT fighters to disarm.

5. Three main political forces were involved in the events that led to the May Days.

6. The May Days had secondary actions in many towns, mainly in the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona.

7. The May Days had profound and long consequences.

8. The impact and repercussions of the May Days would be reflected in different novels and movies.

9. The search continued until 13 May, days after the end of the crucial battle.

10. Pugh signed a new one-year contract on 4 May, days after the club's relegation into League Two.

11. The Castroville Artichoke Festival evolved from an earlier May Days Parade and band competition.

12. It also emphasized the need to remember "the experiences of the May Days".

13. The Red Cross took control of Theresienstadt on 3 May, days before the Soviets arrived.

14. April and May saw the May Days, infighting among Republican groups in Catalonia.

15. It was moved to late May, days after the FA Cup Final which Liverpool won.

16. From October to November and from April to May, days are warm and sunny, and nights cool.

17. They survived the Stalinist attack on the POUM in June 1937, after the fighting of the Barcelona May Days.

18. It bombed Bŏne harbour on 15 May, days after the Battle of Tunisia ended in the capitulation of Axis forces.

19. Her remaining crew scuttled the ship on 3 May, days before the end of the war in Europe.

20. After the defeat of the coup in Barcelona, the CNT was the real power in the city until the May Days in 1937.

21. Following the suppression of the POUM during the Barcelona May Days, he fled Spain with Orwell and two others.

22. The violent events of the 1937 May Days overwhelmed Barcelona when the division had been barely constituted.

23. At a meeting on 13 May 1937 Largo Caballero gave a report on the Barcelona May Days disturbances.

24. May Days. A demonstration with flags, sport competitions, a football match at a packed stadium.

25. The first battle of the AAC-1937 was in the May Days, alongside UNL-35 armored cars.

26. Lois Orr was also involved in the Barcelona May Days.

27. The group was eventually outlawed, and the May Days events of 1937 saw many POUM women imprisoned or forced into exile.

28. The May Days events involved a number of POUM affiliated women.

29. Lois Orr was also involved in the Barcelona May Days.

30. He was assassinated during the Barcelona May Days and was buried in the Montjuïc cemetery.