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1 The Soviet Union provided some limited assistance at the beginning of the war, but the result was a bitter fight among communists and anarchists at a series of events named May Days as Joseph Stalin tried to seize control of the Republicans.
2 This was the time of the Barcelona May Days and Orwell was caught up in the factional fighting.
3 Some were involved in the Barcelona May Days fighting against leftist opponents of the Communists: the Workers' Party of Marxist Unification (POUM) (Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista, an anti-Stalinist Marxist party) and the anarchist CNT (CNT, Confederación Nacional del Trabajo) and FAI (FAI, Iberian Anarchist Federation), who had strong support in Catalonia.
4 An especially intense period of student activism occurred in the 1970s during the May Days strikes against the Vietnam War.
5 The latter half of this chapter is devoted to describing the conflict between the anarchist CNT and the socialist Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT) and the resulting cancellation of the May Day demonstration and the build-up to the street fighting of the Barcelona May Days.
6 An attempt to dispel some of the myths in the foreign press at the time (mostly the pro-Communist press) about the May Days, the street fighting that took place in Catalonia in early May 1937.
7 Orlov and the NKVD orchestrated May Days, the war that broke out between May 3–8 in Barcelona between the Popular Front and the Trotskyist Workers Party of Marxist Unification (POUM).
8 most notably, in 1937, a primarily Communist coalition of government forces attacked the POUM during the Barcelona May Days.
9 Following the violent May Days of Barcelona, on 16 June 1937, the government, under PCE pressure, declared POUM illegal.
10 Orwell accused Cockburn of being under the control of Stalinist handlers and was critical of Cockburn's depiction of the Barcelona May Days during which anti-Stalinist communists and anarchists were caught and executed by NKVD operatives.
11 However, the party unsuccessfully tried to avoid the full control of Catalonia by the Republican government, enacted after the May Days event.
12 in the extreme north, frost is much more sporadic: some years might bring frosty May days, on other years it may come in July, but generally speaking there will always be a few frosty days every year even in the extreme north.