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No. sentence
1 Asked whether he considered his mission possible, he said: "Afghanistan is this tremendously complex, Mad Max, utterly devastated society that's got to be repaired, and I don't know if we can fix it."
2 News surfaced this week that Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, has scolded Max Baucus, head of the Senate Finance Committee, for trying too hard to woo Republican support.
3 If your port contains all the pins, however, it can support the Max resolution with no problem.
4 The intermediate result that is returned to DB2 contains the usual counter (needed for the DB2 MAX function) and the actual weighted average that we have so far for the current group.
5 Max Baucus as the Senate weighed whether to take up a controversial proposal to reform America’s bloated health system.
6 Psychiatrists at the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany think have already demonstrated that brain scanners can see into the dreams of "lucid dreamers" - people who can control their dreams.
7 In awe of his mother, but in love with his father, the adolescent Max chose to stay with Mac, who lived just long enough to see his son "liberate" Port Stanley from the Argentine army in 1982.
8 motive of competition is to Max the yield of the economy maim body.
9 human body can absorb only about one quart of water per hour, max, and after that, the brain can swell dangerously, says Dr.
10 Max Weber, one of the fathers of religious sociology, contrasted the transcendental feelings enjoyed by Catholic mass-goers with the Protestant obsession with behaviour.
11 He lost his life against the infamous Max Baer, portrayed as a vicious killer in the movie Cinderella Man.
12 One such question, that of how damaged tissues regenerate, is being studied in salamanders by Elly Tanaka and a team of colleagues at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden.
13 She spent two years as a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Munich, Germany, then carried out research at Washington State University where her husband was a professor.
14 Max Weber (1864-1920) was a German sociologist who taught both before and during the first world war at the universities of Freiburg, Heidelberg and Munich.
15 Thus, to quote an example from the book before us, from Max.
16 Computers have made rapid progress in the area and softwares like 3ds MAX have been frequently updating.
17 We've already showcased 44 Most Creative Condom Ads, and now we want to show you one really cool idea of Los Angeles-based artist Max Wright.
18 The analysis on reinforcement engineering of Wuzhou Yunlong Bridge indicates that placement layer by layer may effectively lower the Max.
19 values are strength parameters under fixed flexure rather than Max. Strength according to the latest testing standard of 1998.
20 His Wurth Collection in the southern German city of Kunzeslau, includes 14,000 works of art including pieces by Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch and Max Ernst.
21 The actor who gets the best measure of his surroundings is Max von Sydow, playing a German colleague of Dr. Cawley's.
22 Max has been visiting the same vet since birth at the Robichaux Veterinary Clinic in New Iberia.
23 Max Lawson, a policy officer at Oxfam, describes the reneging of countries on promises they made to increase aid at the G8 summit at Gleneagles in 2005 as a scandal.
24 Max Lawson, Oxfam senior policy adviser, said: "Gordon Brown today signalled that payback time for Banks could be just around the corner."
25 In the first stage, I prepare the base mesh in Max, then export the OBJ to ZBrush.
26 It is an interesting theme for researching the similarities and relations between Max Webs and Friedrich Nietzsches thoughts.
27 Figure 5 shows an example of a comparison that flagged a change to the Max connections setting on the connection pool attribute of a data source.
28 researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have shown that species that sleep more have greater resistance against pathogens.
29 time, as Benjamin Franklin told us, is money, a doctrine which horrified Max Weber in his searing indictment of the capitalist mentality as an "iron cage" without "spirit".
30 As the VT rose, Max had a full view of the forests and steppes the Skull and Wolff Pack had turned to wasteland.