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1 Growing knowledge of the lies and crimes of the past barely shook the new intelligentsia's faith in the Soviet system. Their world view was still Marxist, their patriotism genuine.
2 Che Guevara was born in Rosario and shortly after his death the revolutionary Marxist had, along with Bob Marley smoking a jazz cigarette, cornered the market in student posters.
3 Now in the Terry lectures a year ago — I believe a year ago, Terry Eagleton who's a very famous Marxist literary critic, but he grew up Catholic.
4 comprehending to the concept of practice of Marxist philosophy shows deepening and pluralistic traits in China philosophy world as the development of philosophy itself.
5 Nansen, with an important influence on this field, still regarded the Marxist philosophy as a scientific world outlook of dialectical materialism.
6 It then fell out of favour, along with the idea that behaviour is genetically determined, as Marxist ideas of the pliability and perfectibility of mankind became fashionable.
7 But his liberal interpretations of Marxist philosophy managed to piss off some pretty important people, including Lenin, his one-time collaborator.
8 Some Guatemalans mistrust her because of her past association with the Marxist guerrillas; others criticise her recent closeness to Mr Berger's government.
9 At the end of the paper, the writer points out that the Marxist philosophy must be researched on the premises of philosophical individuality of Marxist philosophy so as to avoid misinterpreting it.
10 The working class Partys guiding principles are Marxist classics highly scientific condensation on Partys ultimate aims and tasks at different social historical period.
11 The theory enriched and developed Marxist class theory and has a great influence on the study of social history of labours on Marxist in western...
12 Prior to the election, Mr Funes was consistently ahead in most polls and has now completed a historic journey to power for the party of former Marxist rebels that he represents.
13 Among many emerging leaders, Marxist theory provided an interpretation of their experience; it suggested that exploitation was in fact the underpinning of the capitalist system.
14 So it is simultaneously in his very first sentence a Marxist and a Darwinian vocabulary that Eikhenbaum is invoking, and that's what partly accounts for the strenuousness of his rhetoric.
15 theory thoroughness is the ideological precondition of exerting the function of Marxist philosophical world outlook education.
16 of the Expressionism was considered an important controversy that continues Marx, Engels and Lassalle after AIDS Jin Gen the debate, in Marxist esthetics.
17 build a Marxist political party committed to learning, we must lose no time in studying all scientific, new ideas and new knowledge in human society.
18 If I didn't know you better I'd think you were an old Marxist swapping culture for class conflict in an attempt to create another determinist account of history.
19 Che also took up the task of remaking Cuba according to the Marxist vision, which included assuming command of Cuba's national bank and taking charge of industry.
20 We were taught Marxist revolutionary ideas from 1949 to 1978.
21 For one thing, though Marxist influence on Progressivism is unknown or denied by modern believers, the historical chain of descent is clear.
22 Certainly the Marxist framework provides a compelling agenda for research.
23 There's a variety of reasons why Marxism could be widely spreadin China,one of which is the point of agreement between Chinese traditional culture and Marxist thought system.
24 Marxist analysis has given us this all too rigid picture of the nobility sort of letting their nails grow long, "they are nobles because they do nothing."
25 Now a leftist party, the FMLN was a coalition of Marxist guerrillas who battled the government during the civil war in which more than 70, 000 people died.
26 Che would have understood that Cuba exists in the real world, " Isaac Saney, a Marxist scholar and author of Cuba: A Revolution in Motion, told Al Jazeera.
27 There are currently about 17 identity-based branches of feminism including black feminism and Marxist feminism.
28 Though publicly in favour of private enterprise and foreign competition, Mr DOS Santos is a former Marxist, trained in the Soviet Union, and remains something of a protectionist.
29 If we think that practice is inner self criticism, we will loss Marxist practice view and take it as a random criticising activity.
30 Just because of the reference Marxist anthropology theory to "the scientific Developmental Perspective", "Mankind as Root" had been paid more attention and showed its scientificity.