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1 peculiar to Marxism, then, the conceptnot of class but of class struggle?
2 I shall also ask whether Marxism still has any explanatory power today, in a new age of revolutionary upheaval, or whether we have, in Hegel's and Fukuyama's terms, reached the End of History.
3 years ago the literary foundation of Marxism was laid by the publication of the first volume of Das Kapital, the only volume published by Marx himself.
4 Scepticism about competition has deep roots, ranging from a lingering influence of Marxism to a fear of American capitalism trampling the French way of life.
5 integrated implication of human essence in Marxism is an organic unity of humans consciousness, creativeness and sociality.
6 More specifically, is there a profound gulf between the "mechanistic," "passive," and "fatalist" Marxism of Kautsky and the dialectical, activist, revolutionary Marxism of Lenin?
7 the other side, some of his theory opinions still can not be considered as the original meaning of Marxism, most of his "reconstructing" theory points represent as spurning, even subversion.
8 This return to the old doctrine of the natural rights of man is obviously linked to the collapse of revolutionary Marxism, and of all the forms of progressive engagement that it inspired.
9 I nearly stopped reading on page 17 when he noted that the internationalist orientation of Marxism is necessary because no country acting alone could "abolish scarcity."
10 basic Messianic ideal of Marxism - which had a particular appeal for the Russian soul - was to abolish the separation of the sacred from the profane in human life.
11 see things in a global perspective is an important principle of upholding and developing Marxism, the expression of epochal spirit, and basic measure of evaluating a leader's quality and ability.
12 Junior middle school political law is about this kind of contact with the content, high school is required to economics, marxism philosophic such things, compared more abstract.
13 By the end of his life, Vieira DE Mello had junked the Marxism and anti-Americanism of his youth, as well as the niceties of UN procedure.
14 Such blatant nonsense could be told to the ignorant self-styled intellectuals of Russia who prided themselves on being the vanguard of Marxism and thereby of progress and civilization.
15 There's a variety of reasons why Marxism could be widely spreadin China,one of which is the point of agreement between Chinese traditional culture and Marxist thought system.
16 proletariat is the gravedigger of the capitalist society occupies a very important place in the theory of Marxism.
17 Early 80s in the last century, someone roosted a holistic view, until the late 90s of last century scholars have devoted to the integrity of Marxism to conduct feasibility studies for the title.
18 I follow them, past the looming tower of Network Rail headquarters - once the chaotic private-sector Railtrack, until it was nationalised - and into the complex of meeting rooms hosting Marxism 2009.
19 The debatation take a accelerate effection to the Combination of Marxism and the working class'movement of china. furthermore, set up the idea foundation for the party's establishment.
20 In upholding Marxism under the new historical conditions, it is important to promptly address new issues emerging in practice and thus provide scientific guidance for practice.
21 you go talk to a farmer about Marxism or Leninism, he won't know what you're talking about," he said.
22 Seated in front of me, en route to Marxism 2009, the pre-eminent British gathering of the international radical left, are a clean-cut man and woman in their early 20s.
23 It seems appropriate to choose these jubilees for an appreciation of the role Marxism played and still plays in the evolution of the modern world.
24 We need toknow in what material conditions it arises, how it functions and how it mightfail, and this knowledge has been best provided by certain mainstream currentsof Marxism.
25 The failure of Marxism to keep a hold on the hearts and minds of the people who were subjected systematically to its exclusive monopolistic propaganda was due to its abolition of the profane.
26 great secular ideologies of the 19th and early 20th centuries-from Marxism to freudianism-have faded while Seymour's spirit-filled version of Christianity has flourished.
27 While upholding the basic tenets of Marxism, we must add new chapters of theory to it. While carrying forward the revolutionary tradition, we must acquire new experience.
28 We must adapt ourselves to the practical development, test everything by practice, advance with The Times and guide new practice with developing Marxism for new victories.
29 advancement of Marxism philosophy is not only embodied on the scientificity of the theory, but also on the advancement of the way of thinking.
30 This article forded certain basic question Angle which from the Marxism Chinese closed to explain the Marxism Chinese emphatically, the full text altogether has been composed of four parts.