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No. sentence
1 Marpessa was kidnapped by Idas but was loved by Apollo as well.
2 Marpessa, with an expression of compunction and shame, is throwing herself into the arms of her husband.
3 Idas, who tenderly loved Marpessa, is eagerly rushing forward to receive her while Apollo stares with surprise.
4 Although Marpessa fell victim, she realized that her eternal salvation was important and desisted from her wicked ways.
5 By Marpessa, Idas had one daughter named Cleopatra Alcyone who married Meleager.
6 When Idas came from Messenia to ask for the hand of Marpessa, daughter of Evenus.
7 Poseidon consented to his use of the chariot, and Idas stole Marpessa away from a band of dancers and fled to Pleuron in Aetolia.
8 Apollo also pursued them in his own chariot, wanting Marpessa for himself.
9 "Idas that was mightiest of men that were then upon the face of earth;who also took his bow to face the king Phoebus Apollofor the sake of the fair-ankled maid [i.e. Marpessa]." As the two fought for the girl's hand, Zeus eventually intervened and commanded Marpessa to choose between her mortal lover and the god.
10 Marpessa chose Idas, reasoning to Apollo that had she chosen the god, she would have eventually grown old and lost his affections: "And thou beautiful god, in that far time,When in thy setting sweet thou gazest downOn this grey head, wilt thou remember thenThat once I pleased thee, that I once was young?" The two beautiful daughters of Leucippus, Phoebe and Hilaeira were promised brides of their cousins, Idas and Lynceus.
11 In Greek mythology, Marpessa /ˌmɑːrˈpɛsə/ (Ancient Greek: Μάρπησσα, romanized: Márpēssa, "the robbed one" or "snatcher" or "gobbler") may refer to the following figures:
12 She was probably the sister of Leucippus and Alcippe, wife of Evenus and mother of Marpessa.
13 His children besides Hippodamia were Leucippus (who perished because of his love for Daphne) and Alcippe (mother of Marpessa by Evenus).
14 Meleager was the father of Parthenopeus by Atalanta but he married Cleopatra, daughter of Idas and Marpessa.
15 Meanwhile, their feminine collections are always backed by powerful ad campaigns, like the black-and-white ads featuring model Marpessa photographed by Ferdinando Scianna in 1987 (Dolce &