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Manual Digest in a sentence

1. The reaction was the promotion of Catalan writings in Andorra, with cultural works such as the Book of Privileges (Llibre de Privilegis de 1674), Manual Digest (1748) by Antoni Fiter i Rossell or the Polità andorrà (1763) by Antoni Puig.

2. In 1998 the General Council of the Valleys issued for the first time a series of diner denominated coins to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Manual Digest.

3. Here Antoni Fiter i Rossell wrote the Manual Digest (1748), called the "Bible of Andorra," which tells the story, the government and the Andorran customs.

4. Manor houses like Fiter-Riba or Casa Rossell, which holds the original Manual Digest and Areny-Plandolit family house, owners of Farga de l'Areny, represented the good society of Andorra between the 17th and 19th centuries.

5. According to Antoni Filter i Rossell in his history book the Manual Digest (1748), in 788, 5000 Andorrans, led by Marc Almugàver came to Charlemagne's assistance in the Vall de Carol in fighting the Muslims.

6. On the first floor, the main floor of the family home, is the Council Chamber, a chapel dedicated to St. Ermengol and the "closet of the seven keys" which are stored historical documents such as the Manual Digest and Politar Andorrà. The cabinet has a lock for each of the parishes of Andorra.

7. Literary sources of customary law include the books Manual Digest (1748) and the Politar Andorrà (1763).