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Makhno in a sentence

1. There he met fellow convict and anarchist leader Nestor Makhno.

2. A number of sources attribute its invention to Nestor Makhno.

3. Anarchists attribute this mobile setup to Nestor Makhno.

4. In 1906, Makhno joined the anarchist organization in Huliaipole.

5. After liberation from prison, Makhno organized a peasants' union.

6. Makhno was a de facto ally of Bolsheviks since 1918.

7. Together they formed a significant part of Makhno's anarchist army.

8. Makhno had Jewish comrades and friends;

9. Makhno was portrayed as a heavy drinker.

10. The Nabat confederation had ties with the Makhno movement.

11. Makhno did not trust Grigoriev.

12. Nestor Makhno's army would target the Mennonite colonies.

13. (Makhno, Russian Revolution in Ukraine, 1936).

14. It is known as the birthplace of Nestor Makhno.

15. He personally shot Grigoriev's bodyguard when he tried to shoot Makhno.

16. A paramilitary force under Nestor Makhno was also active in the area.

17. Many Jews served in Makhno's "Black" Army.

18. In Ukraine they learn about Nestor Makhno and his insurrection.

19. At the time, Makhno was the leader of the Insurgent Army of Ukraine.

20. They supported the Ukrainian anarcho-communist Nestor Makhno.

21. many set out to join Makhno's anarchist Black Army.

22. Makhno currently lives in New York City.

23. Makhno gift is his meticulous riffs fed by memory and imagination.

24. Makhno may refer to multiple people:

25. Afterwards, the three of them organize a detachment against Makhno.

26. Since October 1920 Division was fighting against Makhno gangs.

27. Afterwards, the three of them organize a detachment against Makhno.

28. The novel gives a negative portrayal of the anarchist Nestor Makhno.

29. Slowly but surely, the health of Nestor Makhno started to decline.

30. Nestor Makhno Simon Karetnik Fedir Shchus †