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Mainland Southeast Asia in a sentence

1. Buddhism has a great following in mainland Southeast Asia and East Asia.

2. Thailand is in the middle of mainland Southeast Asia.

3. Overall, Mainland Southeast Asia is predominantly Buddhist.

4. the pomelos (C. maxima) of Mainland Southeast Asia;

5. In other words, there was a three-way conflict in mainland Southeast Asia.

6. Vietnamese: La Hủ) are an ethnic group of China and Mainland Southeast Asia.

7. Khene, used in Mainland Southeast Asia.

8. The name refers to mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian language of Pali.

9. It is the first color television broadcast in Mainland Southeast Asia.

10. It is native to mainland southeast Asia (Indochina) and adjacent China.

11. The species is native to mainland Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

12. The Pagan Empire also changed the history of mainland Southeast Asia.

13. Blanford's bat is found in mainland southeast Asia and Borneo.

14. It is native to Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Mainland Southeast Asia.

15. In mainland Southeast Asia, the breeding season is June to August.

16. It breeds in southern China and winters in mainland Southeast Asia.

17. It breeds in China and winters in Mainland Southeast Asia.

18. It is native to most of mainland Southeast Asia.

19. Funan was an ancient state in mainland Southeast Asia.

20. By 1975, all volunteers had been pulled out of mainland southeast Asia.

21. The most salient common feature is Mainland Southeast Asia kickboxing.

22. Vanmanenia is a genus of loaches from China and mainland Southeast Asia.

23. The Sinosphere is the Mainland Southeast Asia linguistic area.

24. It is native to the large rivers of mainland Southeast Asia.

25. They are found in Mainland Southeast Asia and the Greater Sundas.

26. mainland Southeast Asia and island Southeast Asia.

27. This bottom-dwelling tropical fish is found in mainland Southeast Asia.

28. Growing as a shrub, it occurs in Mainland Southeast Asia.

29. It is found in Mainland Southeast Asia and Yunnan in Zhōngguó/China.

30. A shrub, it occurs in Mainland Southeast Asia.