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Müllerian in a sentence

1. Bilateral Müllerian ducts form during early fetal life.

2. The syndrome is characterized by Müllerian agenesis.

3. Mixed müllerian tumors make up less than 1% of ovarian cancer.

4. Aposematism is not entirely related to Müllerian mimicry;

5. rather, they may be Müllerian co-mimics.

6. MRKH type 2 includes MURCS (Müllerian Renal Cervical Somite).

7. The Müllerian ducts are named after Johannes Peter Müller.

8. these are the Müllerian ducts.

9. The hymen represents the remains of the Müllerian eminence.

10. Müllerian mimicry is named after him.

11. he is also known as the discoverer of Müllerian mimicry.

12. mimicry, both Batesian and Müllerian;

13. Müllerian mimicry relies on aposematism, or warning signals.

14. Müllerian mimicry need not involve visual mimicry;

15. Müllerian remnants are rare, but have been reported.

16. this is an example of Müllerian mimicry.

17. Other Müllerian abnormalities, however, are not found.

18. Furthermore, Müllerian abnormalities are often found.

19. Müllerian may refer to:

20. this is actually the basis of Müllerian mimicry.

21. It is engaged in Müllerian mimicry with Josia oribia.

22. It is engaged in Müllerian mimicry with Erbessa mimica.

23. It is involved in Müllerian mimicry with Lyces vulturata.

24. It is involved in Müllerian mimicry with Lyces striata.

25. MAIS is not associated with Müllerian remnants.

26. The mimic poison frog is a Müllerian mimic of this species.

27. Müllerian mimicry may also use any of the senses.

28. Adults are thought to be a Müllerian mimic of Polister major.

29. It is a type of abnormality of the Müllerian ducts.

30. Müllerian mimicry is found in many pitvipers.