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1 Many of the slaves had learned to shoot muskets in African civil wars, while others would fight more effectively with the cane knives and axes they had learned to wield in the hot Louisiana sun.
2 Other states that also produce major amounts of rice include Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.
3 In the land of voodoo and witchcraft, legends and legendary disasters, it's no wonder New Orleans -and the state of Louisiana, for that matter -is rife with ghost tales.
4 Matthews, a retired postman from North Carolina, was running the bar as a favour to his brother, who had left Louisiana after the attempt on his life the year before.
5 Both polls were postponed because of Hurricane Gustav, which pounded Louisiana in September.
6 President Thomas Jefferson negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, doubling the size of the United States.
7 The Coast Guard said it had sent investigators to confirm whether crude oil had begun to wash up on parts of the Louisiana shoreline.
8 The US Coast Guard said it had sent investigators to confirm whether crude oil had begun to wash up on parts of the Louisiana shoreline.
9 Ms. Fisher is now a senior at Louisiana State University. Through her lawyers, she declined to be interviewed.
10 Studies show that the average life expectancy for Hawaiians who move permanently to Louisiana is roughly equal to that of Hawaiians who remain in Hawaii.
11 Most of the storm's casualties occurred in southeast Louisiana, where flooding washed away many of the levees protecting the area.
12 However, it is not unusual for some Louisiana irises to move into much deeper water.
13 A fish jumps as water is deposited into the Bonnet Carre spillway from the Mississippi River in Norco, Louisiana, Monday.
14 Giant traveling sprinklers lavish water over fields in the US Midwest, for instance, while rice plots from southern Louisiana to the Philippines get the full-on treatment of flood irrigation.
15 I had won more electoral votes than in 1992, and four of the seven Senate candidates I had campaigned for won: Tom Harkin, Tim Johnson, John Kerry, and, in Louisiana, Mary Landrieu.
16 Governor of Louisiana declares a state of emergency as an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico creeps closer toward the shore, threatening wildlife.
17 Some of the universities in Louisiana did this.
18 But the Louisiana Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors has ordered him to "cease and desist".
19 In what has become a defining experiment at the University of Louisiana, led by Dr Timothy Church, hundreds of overweight women were put on exercise regimes for a six-month period.
20 They are the first group to be released into an area near where they were rescued, about 40 miles southwest of Grand Isle, Louisiana.
21 Nationally, the loss of space jobs in Florida, California, Louisiana, Texas, Utah, and other states could approach that of Kennedy.
22 next year, it is a film about marines fighting an alien invasion. And it is being shot in Louisiana.
23 The latter raises an exception, because the longitude of + 90.525 degrees (Eastern hemisphere) places the point somewhere in Tibet, out of reach of the UTM zone for Louisiana.
24 Every year thousands of bands and fans travel to the southern state of Louisiana for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.
25 Louisiana fishermen in Venice docked their boats this afternoon, knowing waters could be closed for a long, long time.
26 Shortly before Thanksgiving, the House Republicans returned to Washington to elect Bob Livingston of Louisiana, the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, as the new Speaker of the House.
27 Several hundred dead red-winged black birds, starlings, sparrows, and grackles have now turned up in Louisiana near Baton Rouge.
28 The brown pelican, the state bird of Louisiana, was just last year removed from the U.S. endangered species list.
29 A pelican sits covered with oil in Barataria Bay, Louisiana.
30 A brown pelican coated in heavy oil wallows in the surf on East Grand Terre Island, Louisiana.