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Lingnan in a sentence

1. Lingnan University.

2. Lingnan University in China;

3. Lingnan West Circuit covered Guangxi and northern Vietnam.

4. Lingnan penjing (Jyutping: Ling naam pun ging;

5. Later, this art spread to the entire Lingnan region.

6. Lingnan school of painting (Jyutping: Ling naam waa paai;

7. Herbal tea was a unique drink in Lingnan.

8. It is a common sight in Lingnan.

9. Lingnan scholarly school (Jyutping: Ling naam hok paai;

10. Lingnan Stadium.

11. In 2015, he retired from Lingnan University.

12. Su Jianyan died in Lingnan.

13. Lingnan Normal University (LNU;

14. Ke Yuan represents the Lingnan garden architecture.

15. Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Co., Ltd.

16. Lingnan Garden.

17. Wang Maoyuan (王茂元) was sent to Lingnan instead.

18. Lingnan University in Hong Kong, China;

19. Lingnan (岭南) is a geographic region in southern China.

20. This is useful in the subtropical Lingnan region.

21. Lingnan garden (Jyutping: Ling naam jyun lam;

22. Lingnan garden (Cantonese Jyutping: Ling naam jyun lam;

23. Lingnan garden utilizes towers, bridges, and corridors.

24. Yuyum Sanfong utilizes Lingnan architecture.

25. Lingnan penjing (Jyutping: Ling naam pun ging;

26. Bi Pu was born in Lingnan University, Guangzhou.

27. Her father taught at Lingnan University.

28. He is part of the Lingnan School of painting.

29. Ho studied Philosophy in Lingnan University.

30. Banana is one of the four shaddock are lingnan.