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Leuce in a sentence

1. The "present day" measures, he gives at this point, seem to account for an identification of Achillea or Leuce with today's Snake Island.

2. The Greek geographer Dionysius Periegetes, who lived probably during the first century AD, wrote that the island was called Leuce "because the wild animals which live there are white.

3. It is said that there, in Leuce island, reside the souls of Achilles and other heroes, and that they wander through the uninhabited valleys of this island;

4. Leuce had also a reputation as a place of healing.

5. After Ajax's death, his spirit dwelt in the island of Leuce.

6. In Greco-Roman mythology, Leuce, also spelled Leuke, (Ancient Greek: Λεύκη, "White", specifically "White Poplar") was the most beautiful of the nymphs and a daughter of Oceanus.

7. The white poplar was also sacred to Persephone, for whom Leuce seems to be a doublet, as a goddess of regeneration.

8. Robert Graves used the myth of Leuce in developing his poetic theories of mythology.

9. Also ungula caballina ("horse hoof"), pes pulli ("foal's foot"), and chamæleuce.

10. Leuce/Leuka, the "White Poplar";

11. Leuce or Leuka (Ancient Greek: Λεύκη) ("White" or specifically "White Poplar") was the most beautiful of the nymphs and an Oceanid, a daughter of Oceanus.

12. Leuce may refer to:

13. In ancient times Leuce was important for sponge fishing and for the production of a purple dye made from the gastropod Murex trunculus.

14. At the request of Pope Benedict XIII, the church and altar were rededicated in 1728 by the pope’s almoner, Archbishop Nicola Saverio Albini, titular bishop of Leuce.

15. On 18 May 1936, Gouveia was appointed Territorial Prelate of Mozambique and Titular Bishop of Leuce.

16. Leuce (Ancient Greek: Λευκὴ) was a town and episcopal see in the late Roman province of Thracia.

17. The town is mentioned as Leuce Acte (Ancient Greek: Λευκὴ Ἀκτή) by Pseudo-Skylax;

18. Leuce had a bishop by at latest 381, when a Bishop Symeon of Leuce took part in the First Council of Constantinople.

19. Leuce is now listed in the Annuario Pontificio as a titular see of the Catholic Church.

20. On 6 July 1826, Angelis was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Montefiascone and Titular Bishop of Leuce by Pope Leo XII.

21. He was appointed apostolic exarch for the Romanian faithful of the Byzantine rite residing in the United States and was consecrated titular Bishop of Leuce on June 26, 1983.

22. The oracle advised him to conciliate the shade of Ajax by offering sacrifices to him in the island of Leuce.

23. While in the island of Leuce, Autoleon also saw Helen, who gave him a commission to Stesichorus.

24. According to Theodor Mommsen, Aelius Gallus sailed with 10,000 legionaries from Egypt and landed at Leuce Kome, a trading port of the Nabateans in the northwestern Arabian coast.

25. The road links not only Bostra and Aqaba, but also Petra and was continued by a "caravan road" south the coast of western Arabia until the port of Leuce Kome.

26. Eurema leuce, the Hall's sulphur, is a butterfly in the family Pieridae.

27. Sarosa leuce is a moth of the subfamily Arctiinae.

28. Leucae (Greek: Λεῦκαι) or Leuce (Greek: Λεύκη) was a small town of ancient Ionia, in the neighbourhood of Phocaea.

29. Corydon says that a woman called Leuce has recently been rejecting his sexual advances, and that he is therefore permitted to enter the holy place.

30. It must have been situated in the plain of Leuce, which lay between Acriae and Asopus.