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No. sentence
1 One of the ACMD members to resign was Les King, an expert on Spice, a “herbal high” which is not banned but many think should be.
2 Normally, the LES closes immediately after swallowing to prevent back-up of stomach juices , which have a high acid content , into the esophagus.
3 The word was picked by the "word of the year" committee, which includes university academia as well as renowned Australian poet Les Murray.
4 less apt now, Les sensed, to be languid; she carried her wide-hipped, rangy body warily, as if it might detonate.
5 Les found he could cut a second groove between the tracks of the first, which could carry a different set of notes.
6 The French don't "improve their financial situation"…they "put butter in the spinach" (Mettre du beurre dans les épinards).
7 Les darted into the booth, gently moved Rock aside and sat down at the turntable.
8 Moments later, the judges were left speechless by her powerful rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables".
9 His only hope is his beloved sister Veronica, a garden-designer, who lives with a needy lover, Kitty, in a “mood of robust contentment” at Les Glaniques, a fine Cévennes farmhouse.
10 She bought herself a canvas considered one of the most influential paintings of the 20th century: Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (The Ladies of Avignon).
11 Soon he changed his name to Les Paul and began playing in local hillbilly music bands.
12 What are you doing," his older brother cried one day, seeing les punching new holes in the player-piano rolls.
13 These were mes camarades, les gars, UN type: faces, not names.
14 returning to Paris Tristan studied at Les Goblains photography school, and went on to work in commercial photography studios.
15 Moreover, if Les Echos were to lose its reputation for authoritative reporting under new ownership, Pearson might win new readers for the Financial Times, its main publication.
16 Les, in his inert, romantic way, imagined her, having in a fit of treacherous weakness confessed their affair to Gregor, being held captive by him.
17 The entrance to Les Invalides.
18 On March 17th he had his wish, or most of it: a state funeral for all the poilus at Les Invalides, and then a simple family burial.
19 On the eighth floor, one of the finest tables of Lyon: the restaurant “Les 3 Domes” and bar “Le Melhor” offer a panoramic view of the Rhone.
20 French author Victor Hugo s telegraphed message to his publishers, asking about sales of his then newly-published novel, Les Misérables.
21 At the lower end of the esophagus is a small ring of muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES).
22 Redknapp, the Tottenham manager, could not make it to the Spanish capital to watch Real play Atlético in the derby on Saturday night and so he sent his assistants Tim Sherwood and Les Ferdinand.
23 Scottish spinster Susan Boyle shot to global stardom after she was discovered last year on the "Britain's Got Talent" television show with her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables".
24 Les did dial the telephone, but it wasn't to call in another deejay.
25 One Saturday afternoon while Les was at the station, a deejay named Rock was drinking while on the air.
26 cult film, "Les bronzes", in which a group of holidaymakers attempt a record number of conquests, lampooned Club Med.
27 This pager uses Homeric epic, Greek tragedy Oresteia , and modern literature works Hamlet , Les mouches as the mainly analyzing texture.
28 One drizzly weekend in early spring, instead of going off to her usual Sunday-morning foursome in the indoor tennis facility, she cancelled and called Les into their bedroom.
29 More television viewers tuned into a comedy, “Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis”, than for the World Cup final.
30 But he was also a brawny, flamboyant soldier in camouflage fatigues, leader of “les affreux” (“the terrible ones”) in the Congo—in fact, le plus affreux des affreux, as he boasted to his men.