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1 His sacking of the chief justice (since reinstated) and his desire to have himself re-elected by the existing legislatures before the next general election have disgusted voters.
2 We are of the view that where a state legislatures, in the exercise of its own powers, decide that the time is ripe and it is necessary to pass legislation for compulsory sterilisation, it may do so.
3 Jeffs said his church has practiced polygamy for five generations and believes it is the will of God, who is a higher power than courts, state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.
4 nation emerged two kinds of bank -the commercial Banks chartered by state legislatures and the bank of the United States deriving its authority by act of the U. s. Congress.
5 Second, once the census numbers are in, state legislatures will begin early next year to redraw their internal electoral districts, as well as those for the House of Representatives in Washington, DC.
6 Rosenthal, state legislatures with long sessions tend to spend most of the time deadlocked, until the end of the session approaches and they pass all their bills in a chaotic rush.
7 It said this view was shared by many delegates at the city legislature’s annual meeting in January, and ran some indignant-sounding quotes.
8 State legislatures, including Virginia's, have passed laws that enhance punishments for gang-related crimes and establish "gang-free zones" around public high schools.
9 Since minimum-wage opponents have no reasonable chance of prevailing in Congress or state legislatures, they are turning to their last best hope: the judiciary.
10 Female MPs now occupy 56 of the lower house's 480 seats, compared to 43 before the election, although the proportion is still lower than in legislatures in the us, Britain and elsewhere.
11 They have purchased your slave judges, they have debauched your slave legislatures, and they have forced to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave boys and girls.
12 But legislators' patience is wearing thin; this week, the state came close to a full-scale shutdown, a first even for one of the most dysfunctional state legislatures in the country.
13 State legislatures delegate to cities and towns the power to promulgate ordinances or by-laws in limited areas of law, including zoning, rent control, schools, traffic, and parking.
14 This was the first visit to Chile by a China's top legislator and was seen as historic, marking a new stage in the relations between the two countries and their legislatures, Frei said.
15 The president appoints the cabinet according to the proposals of the prime minister, typically from the majority coalition in the bicameral legislature"s lower house (the Sejm).
16 Alan Rosenthal, who researches state legislatures at Rutgers University, says the town was always hopping during legislative sessions and sleepy the rest of the year.
17 Data compiled by Rutgers shows women currently hold 16.6 percent of the 535 seats in Congress and 23.5 percent of the seats in state legislatures.
18 legislature's prompt response to a crisis that had begun to envelop the country (and to terrify euro-zone leaders) appears to have won Italy some breathing space.
19 Karl Kurtz, of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), says that lawmakers in many states had a good excuse last week for working on Martin Luther King's birthday, a federal holiday.
20 In November voters chose Republicans to lead state legislatures. Because these legislatures guide redistricting, Republicans will now be able to choose their voters.
21 nation emerged two kinds of bank -the commercial Banks chartered by state legislatures and the bank of the United States deriving its authority by act of the U.S.Congress.
22 Acting parliament speaker Fouad Mahsoum, who was responsible for freezing the legislature's activities last June, says he is planning to set a meeting date, later this week.
23 But it is also used to apportion seats in the House of Representatives and draw boundaries for state legislatures and school boards.
24 If Americans really want to see some busy lawmakers at work, therefore, they should pay attention over the next few months to their often-overlooked state legislatures.
25 courts and legislatures have relaxed the regulation of marriage during the past several decades, marriage has become less distinctive as a legal matter, less a basis for the allocation of rights.
26 Both sides should expand exchanges at multiple levels between their governments, legislatures and parties and establish and improve bilateral dialogue and consultation mechanism.
27 successfully held the first joint military exercise and launched bilateral consultation mechanism on strategic security and cooperation mechanism between legislatures.
28 hoped that the legislatures of both sides will conduct more exchanges, learn from each other and make new contributions to promoting bilateral friendly cooperation.
29 two legislatures can strengthen exchanges and cooperation at all levels and push for all-round and in-depth development of bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation in various areas.
30 continuously deepen mutual understanding by carrying out high-level visits and exchanges between governments, legislatures, political parties and regions.