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No. sentence
1 Florida's legislature recently debated a bill to remove licensing requirements from 20 occupations, including hair-braiding, interior design and teaching ballroom-dancing.
2 exchange for more lenient sentencing Duval Barbosa, an aide to Mr Arruda, allowed himself to star in 30 videos in which he handed over cash to Allies in the state legislature.
3 Sensible gay-marriage advocates will now concentrate on winning their battles in the court of public opinion and the Chambers of the legislature. Which, surely, is how it should be.
4 Mr Sanford has vetoed hundreds of bills approved by the Republican-controlled legislature during his six years as governor, mostly over what he considered wasteful spending.
5 As soon as the legislature went home, I vetoed the bill.
6 It also seems comprehensively to violate the separation of powers, since the legislature has appointed the governor (from the executive branch) to overrule the courts on a matter of fact.
7 The change in accounting practices was disclosed briefly in the finance ministry's report to the legislature earlier this month.
8 And although I'm not sure that the people who heard me deliver it were similarly impressed, enough of them appreciated my earnestness and youthful swagger that I made it to the Illinois legislature.
9 Yesterday morning, I turned in my resignation from my day job (I work with U.S. military veterans for the Guam Legislature). OK, it doesn’t actually take effect until the end of next week, but still.
10 My boss was Tony Unpingco, a senator (and former Speaker) of the Guam Legislature... and the longest-serving senator in Guam history.
11 But Republicans are still angry over the stimulus package, which they say was rammed through Congress by the White House and the Democratic majority in the legislature.
12 governor of South Carolina (see article) tried to reject the stimulus, but he was overruled first by his legislature and then by the state’s highest court.
13 To circumvent such requirements, Mr Chavez may have to bypass the legislature through his control of the Supreme Court, a heavy-handed tactic he has used in the past.
14 But there is a strong case for proceeding with caution, especially when it comes to allowing people to circumvent a legislature with citizen-made legislation.
15 Only 37 years old, he has represented Orleans Parish in the state legislature since 2000.
16 legislature currently has 299 seats, of which 243 are elected by regional vote and the remaining is distributed by the proportional representation ballot.
17 Courts tend to intervene more, he thinks, when Parliament is weak and the executive strong, because the legislature is unable or unwilling to hold the government to account.
18 Additionally, he has worked with the Democratic-controlled legislature to get four bond proposals on the fall ballot intended to finance his multibillion-dollar infrastructure overhaul plan.
19 If the budget is passed by the legislature, sugary drinks would be slapped with an extra penny-per-ounce excise tax.
20 While the PRI was in power, "I never saw a decapitation in the streets of Mexico," says cesar Augusto Santiago, one of its leaders in the legislature.
21 I also asked the legislature to raise cigarette, beer, and liquor taxes and to allocate more than half of our projected new revenues to the schools.
22 Whether it's wisest to fight this thing like the legislature has done, rouse the North against us and bring the whole Yankee Army on us to cram the darky vote down us, whether we want it or not.
23 When he came of age, Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois, where he held a variety of jobs, served in the legislature, and studied law.
24 Observers now expect the pro-independence opposition to try to obstruct the deal in the legislature, where the review procedures for ECFA are not yet clear.
25 Once Mr Wall had lined up support from four other provincial leaders, all three opposition parties in the national legislature, and a few dissident executives, the government buckled.
26 After an unremarkable term in the Illinois legislature, Lincoln settled back the routine of a simple rural lawyer, pleading cases in seven county towns.
27 Assuming Republicans have indeed taken Virginia's Senate and Mississippi's House, they will control every legislature in the South save in the fringe states of Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia.
28 The legislature, both chambers of which are controlled by Republicans, has overturned nearly all of the governor's vetoes.
29 The town's stand is laudable but will have only a limited effect on what is, after all, a statewide problem. The Connecticut Legislature rebuffed a proposed statewide ban last year.
30 No state is more riled than Idaho, a conservative stronghold where Republicans have overwhelming control of the legislature and hold every statewide elective office.