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No. sentence
1 The teacher divided the class and took one section to the library and left the other to write an article.
2 still a bit left. Can you eat some more?
3 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
4 Shards of twisted metal, rubble and glass littered the streets of central Oslo left devastated by Friday's enormous explosion.
5 He nicked the tree before he left there.
6 I have left my report at the desk.
7 She fears that without an occasional dose she will go back to the drinking problem she left behind 14 years ago with the help of the banned drug.
8 We left our equipment out that night.
9 We knew it was difficult to recover a body because any corpse left in the wild will be eaten but we thought we could learn the name of the man" Musole said.
10 After you left, we all missed you.
11 Fire gutted the building and left only the brick wall standing.
12 He left them as sacred heirlooms to his children.
13 can be multiple matches because the search on the value of is done from left to right.
14 Surviving on the scant rain that falls on the high desert, the surrounding natural scrubland USES far less water. The scrubland, shown in the upper left corner of the image, is tan and pale blue.
15 But I'm not Chris, I'm that girl Susan, using my memory, and his diary I found after one year since he left, writing down these last words.
16 has left many Maasai destitute, with young men now converging in the towns to hustle tanzanite, a semiprecious local stone, or to seek poor-paying jobs as night guards.
17 God looked to Al and said, "I like the way you think, come and sit at my left hand". God then asked Bill Clinton what he revered most.
18 A group of US embassy staffers left the room, mostly in a jubilant mood — all had passed except for one man, who only got 82 percent correct.
19 Her husband left the firm for a better position in a bank.
20 collapse of the government left the country in chaos.
21 Most feed readers have the same look and feel as E-mail applications or newsgroup readers, with folders on the left and content to the right.
22 Units carrying Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles left a base in central Japan early on Sunday and expected to arrive at the northern prefectures on Monday, NHK said.
23 Warlords in Myanmar have previously felt the consequences, with gambling dens left to rot in the jungle after borders grew tighter.
24 He not only carried on funding the Marx family and their various hangers-on, but also spent years pulling together the chaotic notes Marx left behind for volumes II and III of "Das Kapital".
25 He winked his eyes at her and left the classroom.
26 She must still be in love with her black-haired boy; all that she's done since he left her is mooning about the house.
27 what is most important in relation to that cognitive map is not what is overtly stated and discussed - but what is left unstated, or ignored.
28 There were three nails on the left wall, on which hung his clothes yesterday.
29 The nail perforated her coat and left an ugly rip.
30 The subjects were asked to use their free right hand point with a baton to the location of each knuckle and fingertip of their left hand.