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No. sentence
1 Dr. Lee said I squinted.
2 South Korean Lee Ho Lim beat Olympic champion Guo Wenjun of China to win the women's 10m air pistol title at the 5th East Asian Games Sunday, Xinhua reported.
3 While he struggled early with a couple of bad entry passes and forced shots, Lee showed by the end of the game why the Rockets have prized his services for years.
4 As Christmas approached in 1959, Delores took pity on Capote and Harper Lee, imagining them sitting in their hotel rooms with nowhere to go. So she invited them to Christmas lunch.
5 Because the rooster stamp sold so well, the Postal Service commissioned Lee to design a Lunar New Year series of 12 stamps.
6 Surveys are asking residents like Lee Simonds about their city, as well as questions that seem plucked from a personality test.
7 One test for Mr Lee will be whether he and the courts continue to treat the misdemeanours of chaebol bosses lightly.
8 Grant and Lee are bracketed in history.
9 The Supreme Court's ruling on Everland's bond sale removed doubts about whether Lee Jae-yong would preside over the Samsung empire as his father once did.
10 While Obama said he was outraged, and Lee warned of "stern retaliation", the US and South Korea were both careful to avoid immediate threats of retaliation which might escalate the conflict.
11 North side echoed that sentiment, says Lee, by expressing the hope that North and South would indeed solve all of their problems together.
12 We spent Christmas Day with my friend from Oxford, Sara Maitland, and her husband, Donald Lee, an American who had become a priest in the Church of England.
13 In the aftermath, with so many of his southern troops lying dead and wounded, Robert E. Lee never got over the feeling of guilt for having caused it.
14 We can only Duinin Shui: to vote in the Peach, at the Lee, teachers, Thank you!
15 Handy coiled stoneware bowls cherish traces of the moment when they were formed and The Times they have been through. - Eunjae lee.
16 I also worry [that] without this impact, in the later part of the movie you might think the actor overacts in some scenes," Lee says.
17 A discussion between Grape and Lee begins.
18 Lee: Our product is much better than before, but we're selling it at almost the same price.
19 control from the outset Sunday and coasted to a 21-12, 21-8 win over the second-seeded Lee to give China its third gold medal in badminton.
20 President Lee said if South and North Korea solve problems through dialogue and in a sincere manner, there is nothing we cannot resolve," the spokesman added.
21 You close this book filled with both admiration and sympathy for Lee.
22 This reflects South Korea’s leadership, regionally and globally, and I thank President Lee and the South Korean people for their willingness to accept this responsibility.
23 There will be no second miracle unless Mr Lee accomplishes the other half.
24 However, his successor, Lee Myung-bak, has wrenched policy towards American security once more.
25 Than Shwe may look enviously at Singapore, where the former prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, holds the post of minister Mentor, a title created for him.
26 Lee defied norms in the U.S. by releasing the film here with an NC-17 rating.
27 LEE: I understand. They think a tornado might come.
28 As for "Harper," a generous reading suggests that Posh is a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee.
29 Alec Baldwin, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Check out this pick from TV and movie star Baldwin, about injustice, race relations and growing up in the South.
30 Lee in our comments said, "someone thats invested their time to sign up for a service will spend more than two seconds finding out how to log in."