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No. sentence
1 Learning that smoking has done harm to his lung, Tom now wants to kick.
2 common view that drinking makes you forget about things and impairs your learning is not wrong, but it highlights only one side of what alcohol does to the brain.
3 Like it or not, most of your firm's clients are male, so you should start learning how to socialise with them by practising with your colleagues.
4 Generation by generation, though, Guan's children and grandchildren climbed higher up the educational ladder, and as they climbed they gathered the material fruit that came of their learning.
5 Realizing the incredible value of learning what not to do should have a profound effect on our attitude.
6 Mr White was revered for his great learning by all the students in the college.
7 The next exam objective, 312.3, will have you creating and configuring print shares and learning how to access these shares from other systems.
8 If Mandarin - or Spanish, or Arabic - is to replace English as the world's lingua franca, children in San Paulo, st Petersburg and Auckland had better start learning it now.
9 There's a lot of evidence that social learning, engaging, and sharing with others is a far more effective way of learning than simply chasing citations or raw knowledge acquisition.
10 IRC, a mailing list, a newsgroup, or a web site--make it easy to climb the learning curve.
11 SCHOOLS across the eastern Mediterranean, children are still learning about the past of the fascinating places where they live through the distorting lens of modern nationalism.
12 By using questionnaire, to discover the condition of learning strategy of junior middle school students in Chuxiong Yi Nationality Prefecture, This essay is an applied research.
13 Fifth, the technology focus to the course forced the students to spend much more time learning about and installing different tools on their systems.
14 Even worse, it prevents them from learning skills that can lighten your load and make them feel more capable.
15 They reappraised the key role of the teacher in the learning process.
16 If your level of confidence in what you know never ever decreases, you may not be learning enough.
17 How familiar those faces were to me now, after a year studying language arts together, testing one another, and learning to trust one another with varying degrees of success.
18 Listening, speaking, reading, then writing constitute the fundamental order in language learning.
19 Students worked out a better method of learning English.
20 But only those animals that actively engage in learning get to keep the new cells.
21 I am learning how to fence.
22 He persevered in learning English in face of difficulties.
23 My parents gave me a "learning doll" when I was seven.
24 You have to be open to learning.
25 may be different causes for the learning and memory problems in rats as opposed to that of humans.
26 Pick a limited range of places where and times when you do your most focused learning.
27 Then start brainstorming ideas for learning or showing that topic and write down ideas next to each intelligence.
28 The principle is that in the process of learning how to do one thing really well, we learn how to learn.
29 I think this definition leaves out a key piece, we are focusing on collaboration and learning.
30 He has a crazy spirit in learning English.