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Le Val d'Andorre in a sentence

1. In 1848, Fromental Halévy had premiered the opera Le Val d'Andorre to great success in Europe, where the national consciousness of the valleys was exposed in the romantic work during the Peninsular War.

2. Folk costume (Le val d'Andorre) Grandalla flower, the national symbol.

3. Le val d'Andorre (The Valley of Andorra) is an opéra comique by Fromental Halévy with a libretto by Saint-Georges.

4. The music, by Ferdinand Hérold, was left unfinished at his death, and the work was completed by Fromental Halévy. The plot, (elements of which were later reworked by Halévy and Saint-Georges in the opera Le val d'Andorre (1847)), centers on misplaced alliance, love, forced conscription, flight, pardon, and marriage.

5. Réty finished the season by introducing some insubstantial new works and giving further performances of Orphée. For the 1860–1861 season Réty's most successful new production was a revival of Halévy's three-act opéra comique Le val d'Andorre (15 October 1860;

6. The season opened on 24 October with the company's revival of Halévy's Le val d'Andorre, which was followed by performances of Flotow's Martha, Rossini's Le barbier de Seville, Paer's two-act opéra comique Le maître de chapelle, and Grisar's one-act opéra comique Les bégaiements d'amour.

7. Later that year, she sang Rose de Mai in the revival of Le val d'Andorre by Halévy on 14 October, and Késie in Le calife de Bagdad on 18 December in honour of the Boieldieu centenary.

8. Other roles included Bertrand in the 500th anniversary ('travesty') performance at the Opéra-Comique of Les Rendez-Vous Bourgeois by Isouard in March 1873, Georgette in Le val d'Andorre in October 1875, and Gillotin in Gille et Gillotin in March 1877.

9. Cabel made her operatic debut in Paris at the Château des Fleurs in 1848, and in 1849 sang the roles of Georgette in Halévy's Le val d'Andorre and Athénaïs in Halévy's Les mousquetaires de la reine at the Opéra-Comique, where she went almost unnoticed.

10. She made her debut as Rose-de-Mai in Le val d'Andorre at the Théâtre Lyrique in October 1868.

11. on 16 January 1847, Halévy's 3-act Le val d'Andorre on 11 November 1848, and Armand Limnander's 3-act Les Monténégrins on 31 March 1849.

12. He played in Don Giovanni, Otello, Anna Bolena, Ferdinand Hérold's Marie, La Barcarole, Les Diamants de la couronne, Auber's La Sirène, etc.; Halévy's Le Val d'Andorre;

13. She premiered several operas, including Auber's La Sirène and Haydée ou Le Secret, Halévy's Les Mousquetaires de la reine, and Le val d'Andorre, Charpentier's Actéon, and Boisselot's Ne touchez pas à la reine.

14. and especially Fromental Halévy's operas, Les Mousquetaires de la reine (Berthe de Simiane), La Dame de pique, Le Val d'Andorre, and La Fée aux roses.

15. Noticed by Halévy, he successfully created the character of the old goatherd on 11 November 1848 in Le val d'Andorre.

16. These included Angèle, Henriette in L'ambassadrice, Isabelle in Le pré aux clercs, Zanetta in Auber's opera of that name, Laurette in Richard Coeur-de-lion, Adèle in Auber's Le concert à la cour, Lucrezia in Actéon, the Queen of Léon in Boisselot's Ne touchez pas à la reine, The Countess in Le comte Ory, Anna in La dame blanche, Camille in Zampa, Rose de Mai in Le val d'Andorre, Virginie in Le caïd, and Catarina in Les diamants de la couronne.