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1 But as an emotional flashpoint it is potent, especially among the 21% of voters who are Latino.
2 The only people standing still were some Latino grocery boys smoking cigarettes by a stack of milk crates and, next to them, an old black man with a whitened beard mumbling at the pavement.
3 he and a friend lunched at a local Chinese restaurant, a tough group of Latino boys and girls approached.
4 He continues this even now, sleeping in children's rooms, cramped Latino households and even more crowded Amish ones, often riding between them on his beloved Harley.
5 It was natural again in 2006, when the country went on an anti-immigrant binge, for many of the Latino counter-marches to start from la Placita.
6 When a corporation claims to be diverse, what they really mean is that they hire black people, asians, and a latino every now and then.
7 alarm that these changes have produced has been picked up and amplified by the fast-growing Latino evangelical movement.
8 The poll's findings are a catalyst for an important and much-needed conversation about how to reverse the rising rates of teen pregnancy in the Latino community.
9 Some studies have found that this factor may explain as much as 70% of the difference in black and white unemployment rates, and may also explain the difference between black and Latino jobless rates.
10 It is the largest city in America with a Hispanic majority. Some 60% of its residents are Latino, mostly Mexican-American, and more than 40% speak Spanish at home.
11 new methods now being brought back into seminary education, like feminist analysis, or literary criticism, or liberation theology, or African American approaches, or Latino approaches.
12 Randy Parraz, a Latino activist, volunteers stood on Mesa's sun-scorched streets and collected signatures.
13 yet the ensuing debate-with questions asked in Spanish by Latino moderators-might just have cost her that vote, and thus the entire election.
14 The current one, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, included large Numbers of Latino and Japanese-American people.
15 of young Latinos think a college degree is essential, while the jobless rate for Latino graduates has spiked.
16 Our troops come from every corner of this country -they are black, white, Latino, Asian and Native American.
17 Black and Latino boys commit plenty of violence in school, of course, but they're more likely to assault an individual whom they know.
18 pastor is white and the assistant pastor is black, and the creative arts pastor is Latino.
19 With the Latino actor Jimmy Smits already cast for the show, Attie was especially keen to know how rising star Obama approached the question of his race.
20 Unfortunately, I never got to see the commercial because it was for the U.S. Latino audience and Mexico.
21 But somehow the arrival of the mostly African-American and Latino children was still a shock. As the black and brown kids got into the pool, the white parents pulled their kids out.
22 Given the unique and uniquely charged history of black America, African American politicians face tougher challenges than their white, Latino, and Asian peers.
23 She herself was almost lost to the tribe for a while, married to a Latino at 17, having two daughters early, living a middle-class Californian life.
24 The question is similarly complicated with respect to Latino applicants.
25 But the real prize is not the black vote or the Latino vote but the white vote.
26 Meanwhile Mr Steele’s big idea, to restore the party’s fortunes by broadening its appeal, has not got much beyond a paean to famous black, Latino and female Republicans of yore on the RNC’s website.
27 Mr Rove saw the bill as a way to attract Latino voters to the Republican electoral machine. Its failure made it that much harder to build a winning Republican majority for the election in 2008.
28 Mrs Clinton registered and organised Latino voters, and they have not forgotten.
29 The results also show that black and Latino children in New York charters do significantly better in reading and maths than in regular schools.
30 found significant changes in self perception or "frame-shifting" in bicultural participants -- women who participate in both Latino and Anglo culture.