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No. sentence
1 Perhaps the most surprising bout of consolidation and revival, however, has been in Latin America.
2 Tintin finds himself summoned to rescue old friends from a civil war between two Latin American warlords.
3 We firmly support the Asian, African and Latin American people in their struggle for liberation!
4 AFTER a string of Latin American election victories for the left, Panama has bucked the trend.
5 In certain areas of Latin America, I saw little children crawling around on dirt floors, putting rocks and dirt in their mouths hoping it was food.
6 At this moment, countless people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other places in the world haunted by starvation and poverty are watching us silently with hope in their gaze.
7 Mexican envy at the hoop-la surrounding Brazil, its Latin American rival, has reached a pitch to which only a psychoanalyst could do full justice.
8 the other hand, some Brazilians argue that their country-differentiated by speaking Portuguese and, until recently, geographically isolated from its neighbours-is not really part of Latin America.
9 Latin American ceviche made with seafood typically combines seafood with chilies and lemon or lime juice.
10 His dress became as recognized a part of Cuba as he was, with his beard and olive drab becoming an inspiration to blue-collar workers and revolutionaries throughout Latin America and beyond.
11 Europe remains the biggest market, with about 40% of sales, though the strongest growth is in China, Russia, the Middle East and some Latin American countries.
12 Now, however, to the dismay of executives at the firm, two big shareholders are reportedly pushing for a sale of the Asian and Latin American businesses.
13 But its distinctive white shawls remain a potent symbol of the quest for justice in Latin America.
14 Fortunately, that is a rarity in today's Latin America.
15 Last week, the us halted all imports of toothpaste from China after reports that products sold in some Latin America countries contained a poisonous chemical.
16 One of the biggest questions for Arab countries, which are beginning to reap their own demographic dividends, is whether they will follow East Asia or Latin America.
17 European Union and Latin American countries made some progress on a deal that would allow Chiquita Brands Inc. and Dole Food Company Inc. to sell more bananas in the EU.
18 OVER the past two centuries Latin America has seen bursts of exaggerated optimism interspersed with long periods of disappointment.
19 Since the start of the global bull market in 2003 emerging Asian shares have gained 210% in dollar terms, compared with an average of 440% in Latin America.
20 Mr Slim longs to use his phone cables to distribute pay-television (in which he has become the biggest player in the rest of Latin America), but the government won’t allow it.
21 He has been at Pfizer since 1978, and has emerging markets experience running Pfizer's businesses in Latin America, Europe and Africa.
22 Several factors are fueling the trend, he says, including the weakening of long-standing cultural taboos and new waves of immigrants from Asia and Latin America.
23 He has dispensed largesse from Argentina to Africa (see article), and hopes that this will win Venezuela one of the two rotating seats for Latin America on the UN Security Council.
24 Perhaps, by holding out on cuts until the last minute, Latin American countries will get more concessions from rich countries.
25 Russian warships set off to Latin America to take part in joint manoeuvres with Venezuela , for the first time since the cold war.
26 I know that other countries in Latin America and throughout the world enviously look to China's growth rate and her pace of industrialization and tried to learn from her experience.
27 heard about the importance of primary health care repeatedly during my visits to Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.
28 Bat rabies has also recently emerged as a public health threat in Australia, Latin America and western Europe.
29 These are the questions for Russia, countries in the Gulf, and some countries in Latin America and Africa.
30 There is evidence linking ENSO to malaria in Latin America, rift valley fever in east Africa, and dengue fever and its more lethal form, dengue hemorrhagic fever, in Thailand.