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No. sentence
1 The great instructions of Laozi are just as a the sound of waves which stirs a chord in the people's hearts.
2 This text refines the factor suitable for drawing lessons from out just through an analysis of administrative thought in Laozi, thus the abundant administration thought of our country.
3 idea of the Laozi has showed its unequalled value in the modem society: the moral training value, the harmonious social value and the Strategic value of enterprise management.
4 Up to now, most westerners, including those oriental educated in the west, always think the knowledge of Laozi as mystifying and worthless nonsense.
5 Laozi 'having five thousand words, used many verbs, most of which are monosyllabic, and few of which are multisyllabic.
6 Laozi said, "Great ingenuity appears to be stupidity." This is the essence of "naturalness" and "non-action".
7 legend, it has a history of more than 150 years. Laozi of Mei School in Yangbazhuang began to perform in the 8th year of Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty (1730).
8 note by Huangjie in the notes to Xie Lingyun's poems the "Jingzhe" was explained as hermit according to Laozi.
9 Why have the three ideological giants, Laozi, Kongzi and Marx, been able to stand on the peaks of human ideology and view the human race and the world?
10 Laozi and Zhuangzi had reinterpreted the ancient nature worship and esoteric arts, but they crept back into the tradition as ways of using knowledge of the Dao to enhance and prolong life.
11 of thought of Dong Zhongshu traces back to ancient necromancy and the thoughts of Huangdi and Laozi.
12 Later, during a nine-year period spent at university, she attended lectures by famous Swedish Sinologist Bernhard Karlgren on ancient Chinese philosophers, such as Confucius and Laozi.
13 I've written about the radical notion of giving up goals, though it's thousands of years old (Laozi taught it to me).
14 Its most famous work is the Daodejing, attributed to a person known as Laozi, who may have existed in the 6th century BCE.
15 thoughts of Laozi lie in natural, balance, merge, integration of nature and human, as well as all creature's relations.
16 As Laozi might have said, sometimes the journey of a single step starts with a thousand miles in the opposite direction.
17 But it seems that the words from Laozi will be always right, such as "Tao that can be described is not universal and eternal Tao", "Heaven follows Tao, Tao follows nature".
18 the most part, Cold and the lawyer sit and talk about life, quoting Laozi to each other.
19 From this evidence it becomes possible to argue that the Laozi was relatively later than the Sunzi and that the Sunzi had some influence on it.
20 Laozi 'dao is derived from the further interpretation of Way of Heaven.
21 This paper makes a new exploration into the differences and connections between the social thought of LaoZi and new Taoist.
22 Laozi emphasized that everything in the world has its own way of being and development: birds fly in the sky, fish swim in the water, clouds float in the sky, flowers bloom and flowers fall.
23 Laozi is one of the main works of the School of Taoist School; its production enriches our country's traditional culture and stock house of thoughts.
24 At that moment, the embodiment of Laozi as a white beard came to teach the elderly.
25 Lanhanzhi is a peculiar scholar of Yijing and Laozi.
26 style of Laozi is a symbol of Yangtze literary style.
27 There have been various opinions in academic circles to the problem what the quality of the bamboo edition Laozi is.
28 No matter what faith, or God, Laozi, Confucius also right, there was weak, naturally all very leisurely, who is different.
29 Laozi founded Chinese Taoist school, Confucius started Chinese Confucian school and Sun Tzu initiated Chinese military strategist school.
30 be seen that Laozi thought of moral in thought and political education at colleges and universities not only has the theory of high research value, but also has a strong heritage value.