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Laomedon in a sentence

1. Once Apollo and Poseidon served under the Trojan king Laomedon in accordance to Zeus' words.

2. Laomedon planned on sacrificing his daughter Hesione to Poseidon in the hope of appeasing him.

3. Laomedon agreed.

4. Heracles killed the monster, but Laomedon went back on his word.

5. Laomedon agreed, and Heracles slew the monster.

6. However, Laomedon refused to give him the promised award.

7. And It is in Mysia that Heracles, while seeking the horses of Laomedon, fathers Telephus.

8. Tithonus was a prince of Troy, the son of King Laomedon by the Naiad Strymo (Στρυμώ).

9. Laomedon's possible wives are Placia, Strymo (or Rhoeo), and Leucippe;

10. Dictys Cretensis (4.22) added Thymoetes to the list of Laomedon's children.

11. Laomedon himself was the son of Ganymede's brother Ilus, the son of Tros.

12. In other sources, the two gods simply tested the wantonness of the Laomedon.

13. Meanwhile, Laomedon marched against the ships with a multitude and slew Oicles in battle.

14. But being repulsed by the troops of Heracles, Laomedon was besieged.

15. When the son of Zeus had taken the city he shot down Laomedon and his sons, except Podarces.

16. Strymo or Rhoeo, wife of Laomedon, king of Troy was also called his daughter.

17. others say his wife was Clytodora, daughter of Laomedon.

18. Laomedon received Syria and Phoenicia;

19. Laomedon received Syria and Phoenicia;

20. She was the (half) sister of Laomedon, Tithonius and Telecleia.

21. Laomedon was unable to offer any effective resistance.

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23. He took Laomedon, the governor of those provinces, prisoner.

24. Laomedon reaps the reward for his ingratitude: a terrible plague ravages his lands.

25. She mentions one prediction told to Laomedon long ago;

26. She is the daughter of the Trojan king Laomedon and the sister of Priam.

27. She was the (half) sister of Laomedon, Tithonius and Themiste.

28. Laomedon, King of Troy, forces Jason to leave his lands for fear of a Greek invasion.

29. After his death, his son Laomedon succeeded him on the throne and became the king of Troy.

30. Later, Priam, the son of Laomedon, ascended8 to the throne.