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1 newlyweds Viktor and Liesel Landauer employ Rainer von Abt to design them a house that becomes a masterpiece of modernist architecture.
2 Throughout the 20th century, many prominent anarchists (Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Gustav Landauer and Camillo Berneri) and publications such as Anarchy wrote about matters pertaining to the arts.
3 Between 1507 and 1511 Dürer worked on some of his most celebrated paintings: Adam and Eve (1507), Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand (1508, for Frederick of Saxony), Virgin with the Iris (1508), the altarpiece Assumption of the Virgin (1509, for Jacob Heller of Frankfurt), and Adoration of the Trinity (1511, for Matthaeus Landauer).
4 Connections between information-theoretic entropy and thermodynamic entropy, including the important contributions by Rolf Landauer in the 1960s, are explored in Entropy in thermodynamics and information theory.
5 The term "large scale integration" (LSI) was first used by IBM scientist Rolf Landauer when describing the theoretical concept;
6 It became very popular, named Landau in English, or Landauer in German.
7 The spaced repetition training was first tested by Landauer and Bjork in 1978;
8 This early work went unnoticed, and the field was relatively quiet until the late 1960s when cognitive psychologists, including Melton and Landauer &
9 In 1960, Rolf Landauer raised an exception to this argument.
10 Regarding Landauer's principle, the minimum energy dissipated by deleting information was experimentally measured by Eric Lutz et al. in 2012.
11 Furthermore, Lutz et al. confirmed that in order to approach the Landauer's limit, the system must asymptotically approach zero processing speed.
12 John Earman and John D. Norton have argued that Szilárd and Landauer's explanations of Maxwell's demon begin by assuming that the second law of thermodynamics cannot be violated by the demon, and derive further properties of the demon from this assumption, including the necessity of consuming energy when erasing information, etc.
13 Bennett later acknowledged the validity of Earman and Norton's argument, while maintaining that Landauer's principle explains the mechanism by which real systems do not violate the second law of thermodynamics.
14 Although the argument by Landauer and Bennett only answers the consistency between the second law of thermodynamics and the whole cyclic process of the entire system of a Szilard engine (a composite system of the engine and the demon), a recent approach based on the non-equilibrium thermodynamics for small fluctuating systems has provided deeper insight on each information process with each subsystem.
15 Club president Kurt Landauer and the coach, both of whom were Jewish, left the country.
16 As some Bayern players greeted Landauer, who was watching a Bayern-friendly in Switzerland, lead to continued discrimination.
17 Landauer returned from exile in 1947 and was once again appointed club president, the tenure lasted until 1951.
18 Landauer has been deemed as inventor of Bayern as a professional club and his memory is being upheld by the Bayern ultras Schickeria.
19 This version was first printed in Constantinople in 1562 and frequently republished, while the original was edited in Arabic characters by Samuel Landauer (Leiden, 1880), and another (superior) Judeo-Arabic edition prepared by Yosef Qafih in 1970.
20 The seventh section, on the resurrection, is contained in two versions, the first of which, the basis of the translation of Ibn Tibbon, has been edited by Bacher in the "Steinschneider Festschrift," pp. 98–112, and the second by Landauer.