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1 Pork meat is to a cook like canvas to a painter,” Dr. Landau said. “You can draw on it your own tastes and the meat will accept, unlike lamb or even beef.
2 Vinyl tops usually came in four styles: full, halo, canopy, and landau.
3 Dr. Landau said he hopes his book will resonate with young people who have become less observant Jews, and with his peers who have embraced an internationalist perspective.
4 Landau luck, Mark and Sandra were convinced, had finally shifted.
5 Dr. Eli Landau has written "the White book," touted as the first Israeli pork cookbook.
6 That will come as the technology matures, says Mr Landau.
7 commercial EGS plant is already in operation in Landau in Germany, with larger-scale projects planned for Australia, the US and elsewhere.
8 Jon Landau, a partner at Lightstorm Entertainment, says the company hopes to bring its 1997 film 'Titanic' out in 3-d, but hasn't yet announced a release date.
9 The 3d conversion is being overseen by Cameron — who wrote, directed and produced the movie — and his Lightstorm producing partner Jon Landau, who also produced.
10 Israeli Cabinet Minister Uzi Landau said the territory is not negotiable.
11 Golan will not be handed over to Syria," Landau said.
12 After visiting Province House, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge rode on a landau carriage led by Canadian mounted police, known as mounties.
13 Longitudinal "dispersion" functions are also calculated from the solved stationary distributions, which are very important for Landau damping and stability in bunched beam.
14 observed in machine study that, Landau damping caused by the octupole field can suppress the beam collective instabilities.
15 In the framework of the Landau theory of phase transition, we derived an expression of the ferroelectric critical size.
16 phase transition characteristics of ferroelectric films with domain structure were studied using Landau free energy expansion.
17 The landau damping rate is obtained by solving the dispersion equation of relativistic longitudinal plasmons with the sub-light-velocity numerically.
18 Dr. Landau also touts his Viennese-style pork neck schnitzel cut very thick.
19 How many people in the world have had a chance to sit in a royal landau or walk onto the dais at Windsor Castle even before the Queen has done so?' she said.
20 He will hold an open-air mass in the capital Yaounde and he'll outline the program for a Synod on Africa to be held later this year. Our religious affairs correspondent Christopher Landau reports.
21 Landau International design (Shanghai) is located in fashion design center creative no. 8 Bridge Park, Luwan District in Shanghai, now the main large-scale project design.
22 In this paper I have strictly derived these formulae about Landau Diamagnetism by using the theory of statistical mechanics of ideal Fermi system and Laplace transformation.
23 Throughout the 20th century, many prominent anarchists (Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Gustav Landauer and Camillo Berneri) and publications such as Anarchy wrote about matters pertaining to the arts.
24 A differential diagnosis for ASD at this stage might also consider intellectual disability, hearing impairment, and a specific language impairment such as Landau–Kleffner syndrome.
25 This approach has been echoed by Lev Landau and Evgeny Lifshitz, and others, and has become standard.
26 The second reviewer, Jon Landau, wrote that "the record has been made with typical shoddiness."
27 Before the 1704 campaign ended, the Allies had taken Landau, and the towns of Trier and Trarbach on the Moselle in preparation for the following year's campaign into France itself.
28 Knowing Marlborough's destination, Tallard and Villeroi met at Landau in the Palatinate on 13 June to rapidly construct a plan to save Bavaria but the rigidity of the French command system was such that any variations from the original plan had to be sanctioned by Versailles.
29 This required the capture of the major fortress of Landau which guarded the Rhine, and the towns of Trier and Trarbach on the Moselle itself.
30 Trier was taken on 27 October and Landau fell on 23 November to the Margrave of Baden and Prince Eugene;