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Ladon in a sentence

1. In earlier depictions, Ladon is often shown with many heads.

2. and the hundred-headed serpentine dragon Ladon.

3. Both the Lernaean Hydra and Ladon were slain by Heracles.

4. Ladon may refer to:

5. Syrinx was a lovely wood-nymph of Arcadia, daughter of Ladon, the river-god.

6. Heracles killed Ladon during his 12 labors;

7. Heracles defeats Ladon and snatches the golden apples.

8. The Ladon, another tributary of the Alfeios, flows 2 km east of Tripotamia.

9. Near Tripotamia the rivers Ladon and Erymanthos flow into the Alfeios.

10. Ladon is the constellation Draco according to Hyginus' Astronomy.

11. Ladon was also said to have as many as one hundred heads.

12. Viburnum acerifolium is a larval host to the Celastrina ladon butterfly.

13. Both the Lernaean Hydra and Ladon were slain by Herakles.

14. ladon throws himself into the river, but he is saved by a nymph.

15. ladon tries to meet Astrée again.

16. The village Kontovazaina is situated in a valley, 3 km north of the Ladon.

17. Zoë is wounded by the dragon Ladon while they pass through.

18. It is a left tributary of the Ladon.

19. Ladon is a commune in the Loiret department in north-central France.

20. It was located near the river Ladon and the Soron forest.

21. The flowers provide nectar for the Celastrina ladon (Spring Azure) butterfly.

22. It was situated on the river Ladon, between Nassoi and Thaliades.

23. Ladon Valles, as seen by HiRISE.

24. Kawazoe treated pseudargiolus as a synonym of ladon, Cramer, 1780.

25. Celastrina ladon, the spring azure, is a butterfly of the family Lycaenidae.

26. It is located in the upper Ladon valley, north of modern Koumani.

27. Map showing locations Uzboi Vallis and Ladon Vallis, other nearby features.

28. Rogen Ladon (born November 10, 1993) is a Filipino amateur boxer.

29. His brother Joegin Ladon is also an international boxer.

30. and 50 stadia beyond, the road crossed the Ladon.