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Laconia in a sentence

1. Sparta was the seat of ancient Laconia.

2. The county seat is Laconia.

3. Two churches were established in Laconia.

4. A fort would be built at Laconia in 1746.

5. Laconia contains three main villages.

6. Bird's-eye view of Laconia, c. 1911.

7. Belknap Mills in downtown Laconia, 2008.

8. Tegea controlled the exit from Laconia.

9. Laconia or Lakonia may refer to:

10. Laconia was built by Swan, Hunter &

11. Aristodemus took Laconia;

12. Timberlake was born in Laconia, Indiana.

13. Caryatid monument, Karyes Laconia.

14. Karyes, Laconia.

15. Karyes, Laconia.

16. Clock tower, Karyes Laconia.

17. Karyes, Laconia.

18. View of Karyes, Laconia.

19. Laconia, New Hampshire.

20. He was born in Geraki, Laconia in 1881.

21. Thuria was annexed to Laconia by Augustus;

22. (Laconia, Nova Scotia)

23. Laconia (also called Lacedaemon;

24. The Turks reclaimed Laconia in 1715.

25. In 1964, Laconia was sold to J Alexatos.

26. the Laconia Company venture failed.

27. He was born in Laconia, New Hampshire.

28. See the Laconia Incident.

29. Faraklo is a village in Laconia, Greece.

30. In antiquity it was part of Laconia.